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Christopher McCauley

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Recent posts by Christopher McCauley

Ill try again. (I'll be sure to avoid any catch phrases... )

This message started the process:
from log:

I changed a include directive to a dynamic include and for all intents and actually didnt work, doh!....what could be wrong is my assumption that the static dependencies seen in the static block of the _jspService method are not realted to the actual compilation of the jsp --> servlet...I am not sure of this...

I have opened the source file ( generated in the work directory and there is no correlated .class file, thus leading me to believe( perhaps falsely) that I am 1) looking at the correct generated file ( confirmed by timestamp) and that 2) it is the file that is failing to be compiled.

any other info that might be helpful?

14 years ago

I have joined a new project, and I am trying to make room for additional code in a jsp...I understand that this desperately needs to be refactored, but....we'll leave it at that

Tomcat 5.5 in JBoss 4.0.3
Java 1.5 b22

There are about 28 include directives that stack up to a very large _jspService method and for two of the larger pages I am changing them to jsp:include, but it is not working.... Here is one of the includes:

And here is the _jspService code generated:

14 years ago
I am seeking clarification...

In an environment of shared services, my team develops WSs using JaxWS. I have a peer whose team uses Axis and we have been unable to make dynamic calls to his services. (To be clear, security is NOT the issue)

I am being told I need to add the jar files that support Axis in order to make those dynamic calls.

Why? I ask...aren't these APIs following the same standard(s) (JSRs?)

Where to turn for clarification/education on this area?

15 years ago

I saw this post and wondered if you had any luck? I also have a problem accessing properties but further on down the tree. It seems I can not retrieve and Numerics (MS - Integer8, I think)... specifically the pwdLastSet value...have you ever had success accessing a similar value?

Here is our code, not sure if it helps your case

InitialDirContext ctx = new InitialDirContext(props);
SearchControls constraints = new SearchControls();
String[] attrIDs = {"cn", "distinguishedName", "description"};
String filt = "cn="+userid;
NamingEnumeration results ="ou=Foo,DC=foo,DC=foo,DC=foo,DC=foo", filt, constraints);

if (results != null && results.hasMore()){
status = 1;
SearchResult si = (SearchResult);
Attributes attrs = si.getAttributes();
if (attrs != null) {
for (NamingEnumeration ae = attrs.getAll(); ae.hasMoreElements() {
Attribute attr = (Attribute);
String attrId = attr.getID();
if (attrId.equals("distinguishedName")){
for (Enumeration vals = attr.getAll(); vals.hasMoreElements() {
str = str + vals.nextElement();

etc., etc.
17 years ago

I have an issue that I am having difficulty identifying/explaining/articulating. I use an authentcation service in EAServer that provides an interface to AD (Active Directory). I retrieve certain values to do the authentication which is fine and works well, these are all String values.

I am also trying to retrieve a value from AD that indicates the expiration of a password. This number is representative of 100s of nanoseconds from Jan 1, 1601. It seems I can not get these values from AD. It is not an access rights issue.

This is the gist:

The attrId is never retrieved. There is no typo, there are no access right issues ( so they tell me) ...I am woindering if there is a problem converting the Number?

Is this a JNDI issue?
Is this a CORBA (ORB compatibility) issue?

Any ideas whatsoever?

[ October 27, 2006: Message edited by: Christopher McCauley ]
17 years ago
Thank you Carol. That should do the trick.
17 years ago

In this target, I want to send mail if the file.isEmpty is true:
I have been avoiding importing the ant-contrib there a way to do it without it?

17 years ago
I am doing analysis on a web app that is struts based, we do an ldap lookup through EAServer to authenticate and then enter the struts framework upon success. It has been proposed that the login routine become a separate web application so that we can arrive at a home page and from there lauch other applications that will have varied framworks, etc.. Instantly, I thought, This is a request for a portal, and each "launch" point would be a portlet....

Would anyone care to share their understanding / interpretation of partals and perhaps guide me in a particular direction ( or two?)

18 years ago

Here's what I have been asked to do: Create a separate application simply designed for login / authentication. Upon a successful login, move to a page that has links/menu items to move to different applications, some on same server, some on other servers. There is an expectation that an Object/address can be securely passed to each application in order to provide access permissions that are common to all the apps. Two of the applications that I know of are Struts based apps, but there could be CF and others as well..... Can any one suggest either a good starting point for the app or the research needed to make a more informed decision. ( I am delivberately omitting my leanings, as I have started looking into some options)

Thanks to all who can, and care to, reply.

18 years ago

I am opening a window that will upload Files using an action. The window opens and I can upload the file, UNLESS I specify some hidden fields for the form bean. Not sure why this is occuring.

The sessionId is the same, not that should matter, the form is specified properly on the jsp and in the struts-config.xml, and the form bean fits the definition of what a bean must be ( 0 arg constructor, naming conventing of fields and getters and setters, etc).

The file upload is the catch: The form is specified as

Is this the issue?

Any comments/ideas are appreciated

18 years ago
Upload and write to local server I I need to move that file to another server, at the same time and be able to allow then to access the file.

It has been suggested to me that I 'consume an EJB' that will enable me to save a file to a different server than the one the site is running on. Because we do not use EJB (this is a Struts based app) I am inclined to look elsewhere foa solution. Can't I simply FTP the file to the alternate server?

Any guidance or solution or idea is welcome...


18 years ago
Get your hands on a copy of the Ultimte Guide to JasperReports...
18 years ago
Anyone care to offer opinions about Cacheing APIs for a simple caching of POJOS that needn't be refreshed often.

I am leaning toward JCS...
What about...
OSCache, JCache, TreeCache/JBossCache, etc.

Ohhh, where to begin

18 years ago
It seems that everytime I try that, the message returned is '
null' ?.?
18 years ago
agreed, Is this a question?
18 years ago