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Recent posts by Naresh Arige

Can someone please tell, whats the model of questions we get. I know, it has dragndrop, fill blanks and check boxes.

Could there be any radio button questions, if not, how to figure out if its a single choice or multiple if the question is in check boxes without any indication.

Thanks in Advance
When you use the throw, I think the rule says, either you must be caught the exception or declared to be thrown (if its a method). Thats the reason, you must be getting the INTERNAL Server error. To make sure rewrite the code in java and try to compile and you will get the same error.

To test the @errorpage logic, you may replace the if(true)... with
int foo = 10 /0; without throwing any exception.
for Simple custom tags and Tag files the body-content entries are "scriptless/tagdependent/empty" for Classic custom tags its "JSP/empty/ tagdependent"
Put gives no guarantee of Idempotency why bcoz, if you try to upload the same file on the server repetitively from the same URL request, the file is replaced over and over on the server at the same location.
I tried your code on Tomcat 5.5 and its working well. Make sure to point the web-app_2_4 to schema path in the web.xml
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Go to this link to know the diffence between encodeURL and encodeRedirectURL
Run the JSP 2.0 EL examples provided by Tomcat, if it runs fine then compare the web.xml file of jsp-examples/WEB-INF/web.xml with your work web.xml file.
Compare the .dtd/.xsd schema location paths in the web.xml and it could be different in your web.xml.
Could you tell us, what kind of questions you get in custom tags !!
you can see the realm name in the login dialog box (above to the User Name field), when you run the <form-login-page>
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