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Hi Jason,

Thanks for your tips...It sure help me in understanding about multibox better than Struts Documentation page from apache website..

Would you also show me sample code of generating checkboxes dynamically...

Sticking it with fruits example...

Let's say we have three table: Items, Fruits, Fruits_Items

Items table and Fruits table has many to many relationships.
Thus, Fruits_Items is used to store foreign key of Items and Fruits

So we would use Fruits_Items table to find out which items are marked with Fruits_id. Fruits table has apple, banana, grape, etc.

instead of this
String[] newSelections = {"apple", "banana"};

how would you get the apple and banana into new Selections.

FYI, I am using hibernate and struts 1.1

P.S. This is not a database question. I am simply mentioned about database schema so that everyone know how I will be retrieving data from database.
17 years ago