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I'm having an issue with nesting arbitrary elements in a custom Ant task I'm writing.

I have an interface Processor:

instances of which can be plugged into the custom task:

The Ant build file is:

However, when I run the instrument target it fails with the error message "instrument doesn't support the nested "processor.testcase" element". As far as I can see, this is identical to how the Ant manual details this.

If I used a known element in the task, e.g.

then it works correctly (but is much less desirable for various reasons).

Any help much appreciated!
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13 years ago
Take a look at the svnkit website for a list of tools that use svnkit (formerly javasvn) - there may be something in there that meets your needs.

I use the command line for most interactions (i'm a linux user) but smartsvn is also useful sometimes.
Hi Dmitry,

I'm a big fan of live and file templates to speed things up but I do find one annoying thing - the exposure of code.

For example, the file template for an overridden method is

In my company, the convention for documenting overridden or abstract methods that don't require further documentation is to just add
// javadoc inherited
before the method declaration.

As far as I know, this can't be automated in IDEA. I've checked the config directory to see if the Velocity templates contain more than is seen in the IDE but that's not the case.

Is it possible to open up the templates further?

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Interesting - this is probably the first example of a developer-designed GUI that works well! I guess when you develop in your own product you get to find annoying issues fast though.

Sorry for mis-spelling your name
Hi Dimitry,

with NetBeans and Eclipse providing free alternatives in the market space, do you find piracy and license abuse of your product has dropped off?

Do you mean the popups suggesting code completion?

If so - I've never tried to turn them off, but you could jack the delay up to something huge...the default is 1000ms i think, so 60000ms would give you a pretty big chunk of time to work in.
Hi Dimitry,

I have another question on IDEA.

I noticed some changes to the GUI in IDEA 6, for example in the way you manage libraries and JDKs. Do changes like this come out of usability testing on older versions, or do you just try new designs and see how they fare in beta versions?

Have you taken a look at JAD? It's the most widely-used decompiler that I know of, and it's very good.
Simple Syntax Highlighter is on its way to being very useful for editing e.g. Ruby files in IDEA.
Have you disabled "Synchronize files on frame activation" to minimise the updates that take place?

Also, since IDEA 5 (i think - don't recall it being present on IDEA 4) you can sync subtrees of the file system so you can pre-empt some syncs taking place.

I agree though - when it does happen, it's very annoying. Some of our projects are so large it's quicker to shut down and restart IDEA than to synchronize.

I have a few questions on IDEA:

1. Have you ever been tempted to release a community edition to compete with the free IDEs?

2. Plugins - how much do you rely on the community to build in functionality via plugins? If a plugin hits a critical mass in terms of usage, do you adopt it into the official IDEA code base? Also, if an existing feature of IDEA is provided better by a plugin, would you move to the superior version or improve the original?

3. When I first started using IDEA I was doing a lot of GUI work and there was no GUI builder present - at that time, GUI builders were generally, if not universally, terrible so I was more than happy to hand-code my work. What made you decide to add a GUI builder?

4. Have you established a point at which you're not prepared to go past in terms of functionality to reduce potential bloat?

Must have been too tired to google coherently last night - found the solution here:
16 years ago
I have a project with two modules:

module-a contains an API with a set of abstract test cases.
module-b, which depends on module-a, contains an implementation of the API and concrete test classes that extend the abstract test cases.

The Maven compile goal works correctly, and therefore presumably resolves the dependency. However, the Maven test goal fails because the concrete test classes in module-b can't see the module-a abstract test classes.

module-b declares the dependency as:

Has anyone come across this issue before?

16 years ago
Hi all,

I'm having an issue with a corrupt document in Lucene. The fields are being built from an XML document and debugging shows them to be correct. But, after calling
an issue appears in org.apache.lucene.index.FieldsReader#doc(int) whereby the assignment
int fieldNumber = fieldsStream.readVInt();
sets the number of fields to be in the high 4000s (there are actually 18 fields) and the assignment
int fieldNumber = fieldsStream.readVInt();
sets 88 as the field number.

The result of this is a corrupt index that can be searched but when the fields of the hit document are accessed, throws either a null pointer exception or an IOException.

Any help would be massively appreciated!


Well, the byte number range is -128 to +127, and 245 is out of that range.

That's why the conversion results in a byte array, not a byte: 32-bit integer -> 4 8-bit bytes

Assuming you need this conversion to store integers into your database file, consider looking at the RandomAccessFile's method writeInt(). It does already what you need.

My HotelBookingRecord stores everything as byte arrays. The byte conversion was for a decorator that allowed you to interact with it using String (no problem there), booleans and integers.

I probably should rethink the strategy - but that's for later today

Thanks to you both for discussing this.