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Recent posts by Ashok Parakkal

Is there a way of setting a JFrame to be non iconifiable like a JInternalFrame?
16 years ago
I am using LDAP authentication mechanism for my application running in WAS.
To enable LDAP authentication for my application i have to enable global security in the WAS console. Once i enable this, to login into the WAS console i have to use the userId and password i specified for the LDAP settings.
Is there any way of setting a userId and password for WAS console different from the ones set to access the LDAP server and still enable global security?

Also how can single sign-on be implemented?
17 years ago

I think ur right...its an eclipse jvm problem..i tested using jdk 1.3.1 and 1.4 compilers and jvm..its working fine..but the same code behaves differently in my WSAD (version is 5.1.0)..i guess in the latest versions of eclipse they wud have fixed it..
yes barry it works...but if u remove the boolean cast it is not least it is not working in my eclipse..

I am also using eclipse..i too noticed lot of strange things..for
example the code below doesnt end up in an infinite loop..

int i = Integer.MAX_VALUE-42;
for( ; (boolean)(i > 0); i++ ){
System.out.println( i );
}System.out.println( "i after loop = " + i );
Sorry guys i tried still is ending up in an infinite loop.
I modified the code ..
for (int i=Integer.MAX_VAL - 5;i>0;i++) {

it is still ending up in an infinite loop...
Why does the following code end up in an infinite loop

for (int i = 1;i>0;i++) {