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Recent posts by gayathri hariharan

I have not done this either. But did you try googling for the specific appserver you are using.
May be you should try that until someone here offers you further directions.
15 years ago
I dont know much.
My brother works for a company that uses rational clear case i think. He was telling me that they do distributed development out of india and US.
He was mentioning about repository getting replicated between US and India and that it takes a while before somebody adds something to the repository say in US and the same being visible to people working out of India and vice versa.
He also specifically mentioned if that there were considerable delays in adding related files from one location, things wouldn't replicate uniformly to the other location and a build,if run on the other location at that time, would fail momentarily until replication goes through completely.
I dont know the specific details, may be i shall ask him later.
Whether we like it or not offshoring is here to stay. So its common to have teams spread across the world i guess. Is subversion well equipped to handle such situations?
I'm not able to phrase my question properly i guess since i too am not sure if such issues can exist . But what am trying to say is, can a team in country X add files to subversion repository located locally (so that the changes can be updated to the repository real quick) while a team in country Y adds to their local repository and somehow everything gets merged properly even though the changes reside in different repositories/file systems.
oh ok thanks.
Is it possible to integrate a utility like WinMerge with subversion? so that i can do things out of the gui.
I'm not sure if i understood your question properly. Is it like saying,
Struts 1.2 works with Some Commons package 1.1 version and i want them linked because Struts 1.2 might not woth with a later version of the commons package but at the same time i want to pick up all additions / changes to commons package 1.1?

May be i'm wrong but is this what you are trying to acheive?
I had some basic questions..

I have a file hello.txt on which 2 of us are working at the same time.



If i make changes to Line1 and Line2 and add Line4 while my friend makes changes to Line2, what does subversion do when we update the repository with our changes?

Say i do the update first, and my friend does it later.
What happens to our changes to Line2? Or the person who does the last update win?
I can understand that there are no issues with handling Line4 here / may be the issue is that my friend w'dnt be aware of the fact that i had added Line4.
Does subversion ship with a gui interface or command line is the only interface available.
I mean can i, for eg, add a file to subversion project by say right clicking on it choosing the 'add to subversion project' option.

Originally posted by Ali Pope:
I am not sure the info provided is quite correct. [the_mindstorm]

Pretty easy to verify actually. Go to and order a hard copy of a book.
15 years ago
Swing/jndc/xul/swt/jface/spring rich client project...authors have you had a chance to play around with these?
Which one of these is likely to suceed given the plethora of frameworks?
15 years ago

Originally posted by Vijay Vaddem:
I heard eclipse does something similar to this....

But how??

U mean to say that i should create a file and save it on local system
and check it everytime??

No I dont understand the workings of eclipse.

Yeah creating a file (eg lock.txt) if it does'nt already exist and making an entry would be one of the ways of achieving some kind of lock. The app can check for the presence of the flag in the file and decide the future course.
I mean if flag indicates that another instance is already running, you might inform the user and exit else start another instance.
15 years ago
Hello Authors,

Have you guys already abandoned swing? Has anythign nice happened to swing in tiger release?
15 years ago
If the user runs the main program twice, it would mean they are 2 different instances of VM unaware of each other.So it would always result in multiple instances of program running.
May be you should store in a file/something indicating that the application is already running.
If the user runs the app again, you might check against the file and accordignly decide what needs to be done.
15 years ago
Like i said 'if you buy the hard copy from manning', the pdf is available for free along with the hard copy.If you just want to own the pdf, you pay approx half of the hard copy price.
15 years ago
swt in action does'nt talk about anything like that. And as you can see source code is anyways available and manning allows you to download the pdf if you buy the book from them.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Philip Shanks:
I run Subversion on a Win2K laptop with an Apache2 HTTP server.

Hi Philip,

What is the role of apache's http server in performing version control using subversion? What function does a http server perform here?