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since Jan 12, 2005
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Recent posts by pooja jain

Ulf Dittmer wrote:Explain what? That was a question for you.

sorry, i mean can you explain more on streaming on browser directly.
yes. i also dont want to store them on server.
11 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:Why would you want to keep it on the server? Whenever the user wants to download a document, get the raw bytes from the repo, and stream them to the browser. No need to store them in between.

can you please explain more on it?
if possible provide some link for it.

11 years ago

i've a requirement to make few documents available to view/download on website.

there is a web service available which returns document from document repository in form of stream.

i am confused how to make this stream available to client in form of pdf?

any suggestion?

even if i use some api to create pdf from stream, where will i keep it on sever so user can access it?

thanks in advance.
11 years ago

I've a requirement to insert a list of employee into Emp table.

I've following options:

Which one is more suitable in which situation? Recommendation?
Thanks in advance.

Ani Sweety jacob wrote:i studied core java,what is the next level of JAVA to study?which one is more useful ?

advanced java.

start with servlet, jsp.
14 years ago

saritha akkineni wrote:Hi Every One,

I am a Java/J2ee developer worked in india.Now i am on H4 in US.I am looking for work from home kind of jobs.Can any body help me.Can i earn some money???


what is your question???

weather you are eligible to earn money on h4 or not, is this your question?
14 years ago

Leandro Coutinho wrote:

Armando Flores Ibarra wrote:Is necessary to be a genius to be like them? Hard work and discipline could make one of us like they are? Is that really possible?

frequently waste their time with "unimportant" things.

like marriage.

peter, how many were them married?
14 years ago

arulk pillai wrote:

Peter Seibel wrote:

Alain Sellerin wrote:No problem it was just a little joke.

More seriously, yesterday I read this post : http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/001305.html in the well known coding horror blog
and the author is saying that if a candidate for a job doesn't know any of the coders in the book he won't be hired in is company. I found
this pretty extreme.

But just to be safe, don't you think you should get my book and read it. ;-)

Would like to see more coders from the Java space like Joshua Bloch. For example Brian Goetz, Kathy Sierra, and so on

bear, dom, eric, ulf, janney also. :mrgreen:
14 years ago

Peter Seibel wrote:

pooja jain wrote:why should i purchase this book?

Because it's too long to read standing up in the bookstore. ;-)

good one.

14 years ago
consultants are also people who are mediator b/w you & employer - more spcifically jab consultants.
14 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:And welcome to JavaRanch , Kengkaj Sathianpantarit

you are very late.
14 years ago

Peter Seibel wrote:I did ask most folks about that. Mostly the answer was "Emacs". ;-) The main difference seemed to be between the folks who used Emacs and felt like they really should learn a modern IDE and those who used Emacs and thought modern IDEs were a waste of time.

what is emacs?
14 years ago

Muse Ran wrote:actually they have more money - want to share with everyone..

its not money. its knowledge which matters.

14 years ago
venkatpalli shankar narayan subramanyam
14 years ago
pirates of caribian

i liked all the parts.

14 years ago