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since Feb 03, 2001
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Recent posts by fahad shahab

Hye Guys
I have a querie regarding Software Engineering . I studied a method which is used to estimate the size of the code known as Function Point Count.
I need some guideline and history of this method and how does it estimates the size of the code. Plesase give me a thorough detail
Fahad Shahab
Wanting some information about Interfacing two computers
We are a group of software engineers working on a project which require data transfer from one pc to another via serial port . We are using C++ to accomplish our job.
Infact we have done the data communication succesfully when we outport a single character from one PC and which is inported by the other pc. But in order to trnsfer array of characters we are having the problem.
The two pc's are not working at the same speed . i.e speed variation occurs as a result The computer which inports the character is unable to read all the
characters in the arrray completely and accurately .
One solution in my mind is to make a logical buffer which could first takes the input and store it and then read by the inport command solving the speed problem .
If u people have any suggestion then please do not hesitate to contact me.
To Solve this problem I need ur Assistance . Please refer some web content
Fahad Shahab
22 years ago
Hye Guys .
Need some advice for Thread programming. New To It. Some Free online books inks will do me a lot a favour.
Looking For ur Response.
Huy JavaGuys
I have a problem which I want to discuss with u people . I am doing a
win 2000 web server installed . I have made an application in which I have connected an oracle
connected an oracle database with the help of jdbc-odbc driver . The application runs well in
netscape but in IE aws soon I click the submit btn Thwe Window Shut down . Some one tell me why It Happens
Hye Java Ranch Guys
Wanting Information Abt the Forum In which we can share the knowledge abt
hardware interfacing with Java . The Comm Package.
I am doing the Comm package and have a lot of Questions regarding the seriual and
parallel port accesing.
Please Tell Me:
* I was executing the program which writes the data on the serial
port But Received the msg that cannot open com1 port bcs it was owned by
unidentified window service.(Mouse Attached)
* Help me In this regard by the e-books or any useful stuff for me

Fahad Shahab
23 years ago
anting Information Abt the Forum In which we can share the knowledge abt
hardware interfacing with Java . The Comm Package.
23 years ago
Tell Me Some useful & free e-book on JSP or ASP.
ASP is better or JSP? JSP can replace the Servlet..
Fahad Shahab
23 years ago
Does Any Body in this forum please tell me how to test ur servlet On ur PC I Have used the jsdk2.1 but what about any website.
That is I mean to say If Geocities or other web space provider for ur website can support java servlet to run on their server . and what is the procedure
Do Reply me in this regard .
Fahad Shahab
23 years ago
Hye JavaRanch guys
I want to study Java Communication Package .
But Firstly I want some reference material about serial and parallel programming esssentail for the comm API implementation. So if any one know links ,reference material or advice do come forward and E-mail me.
Fahad Shahab
23 years ago
Give me a some progeram regarding unicode....
I want a progeam that can print Urdu Characters or in other language.
23 years ago

I want to know that is their any advantage of jdbc over
vb database linkage. and Which one is used in real world.