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Originally posted by Karthik Guru:
I wonder if we need jython, if groovy ships a stable release?. I'm not aware of the implementation differences between jython and groovy.
But i guess groovy's integration with jvm is better and groovy has copied most if not all of python's features.They have copied stuff from ruby as well
I feel groovy is probably closer to ruby than python. I wonder if we can build GroovyOnRails if there is a lot of truth to RubyOnRails hype.

Definitely we need Jython. Groovy is just groovy, though it has a few advantages which python has not, but it's still not as convenient as python sometimes, e.g, groovy can't add and delete properties or functions to a class at runtime. this is very useful.

And groovy use "{}" as java does, it's code will not be as short as
python does. Java programmers will like groovy, but pythoners will prefer Jython.
17 years ago

Originally posted by Norm Miller:
Just one correction to previous responder: Jython IS being worked on again. Brian Zimmer has received a grant to finance a major upgrade this year. You can Google search "Jython sf" to find the latest info.

thanks. It was only two day ago that I got to know Jython is live again. They plan to ship a stable realse in July this year. Looking forward to the day.
17 years ago
jythonc works only at jdk 1.1 and 1.2,
perhaps on 1.3 is ok too.
But on 1.4 and above,
jythonc doesn't work,
jdk 1.4 has a key word "assert",
and jdk 1.5 makes the word "enum" as a keyword too.
jython 2.1 is released in 2001,
4 year passed, and not upgraded at all,
perhaps it will never be upgrade,
because the author is now working at ironpython(python on .net) in microsoft.
if you want both the convenience of python and power of java,
try groovy.
17 years ago
python can delete and add functions to a class dynamicly,
can groovy? This is what I am care about.
17 years ago