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Recent posts by Swathi Prakash

Can you move your struts.xml to WEB-INF Folder ? As per the standard and it will look the configuration (struts.xml) file only in WEB_INF Folder rite?
10 years ago

system is going to shutdown - Message need to displayed to all the users who are logged in
and click of OK it should logging out at particular configured time (Consider it might me 9 PM).
Those who are using the application at 9 Pm they need to get the message then the application will be logged out.
Please help me to implement this in my application
I am using tomcat web server and JSP as a Front ENd.

Please help me to implement this
11 years ago

give me Some tips to Achieve!!!
14 years ago
Hi Swapna

All the Best

Now you know better how to crack the Exam

Expecting your Success message in this Forum
hai all,,

Please Help me.. How to use indexed properties..my jsp code i pasted below..i Dont knoe how to create the Form bean and how to get the values of jsp to action..

<%ArrayList values=(ArrayList)request.getAttribute("myarray"); %>
<logic:iterate id="MyBean" name="IPOListForm" collection="<%=values%>" property="MyArray">
<html:text name="MyBean" indexed="true" property="bidqty" indexed="true"/>

this code generates number of text boxes according to the size of the arraylist..then how cani get the values in action .. and how to create the form for this page ...please help me..

16 years ago
hi all,,

i have a page which has no of text boxes according to the count which i got from page loading.according to the count the no of text box will appear in the screen..my problem i m using ActionMessages in Action..
if my action throws any errors,i revert back to the same screen. the values in that textboxes are like this..
i m setting the property as double data type..the value entered or disappears and the [Ljava.lang.Double;@655146}
string is appearing in my textbox...i want to get the values whatever i entered should be appeared on the screen,,.. what is the solution for this...please help me...
Thanks in advance...

16 years ago
hi ,

i created page where i populate dynamic textbox..that means i got count on pageload according to that i create that textboxes..in that action i m getting as Double array..i want to do validation for this dynamic generated text box in struts validation.. how to do this one? i tried with ordinary method..but my textbox values whatever i entered is destroyed and
this ((Ljava.lang.Double;@6f00bc)) String is displayed in my dynamic text boxes.. how to do validation for this.. please help me..
i m new to struts....

16 years ago
Thanks SriLakshmi... lot of thanks pa
16 years ago
open ur struts config file in Internet Explorer// .. i think u made some mistake in struts config....
16 years ago
thanks Srilakshmi,,

one confusion how to get the string array values from logic iterate to Action .. can u give some small examples..please help me .. i m new to struts..

16 years ago

i want to generate dynamic textbox according to my count value..

i will get count on the page load.. according to that i want to generate number of texbox in that page.. please help me how to do this in struts..
how shall i create form bean for this...

please help me.. i m new to struts....

16 years ago
hi all,

pls help me...

i have page with 5 fields...and two buttons... for the first button i need only 2 fields required . for second button i need all fields required...how to do in struts???for these 2 buttons i m calling the same action..

from the first button action i will get the value of third field value.. then i want to submit the second button where i required all fields...

how to use validation of struts for these conditions... i m using only one form for this page...please help me.....

16 years ago
pleas help me roger


<description>Web DB</description>
please help me
this is my descriptor file....
<Resource name="jdbc/mysql" auth="Container"

<ResourceParams name="jdbc/mysql">
Hai Roger,

InfrastructureLayer.DATASOUCENAME = java:/comp/env/jdbc/mysql

whats thar deployment descriptor file where it is ???