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Recent posts by David Moran

Looking for a Java Job in DC / NYC. I have ~8 years experience as a mechanical engineer and am passionate about Java. So much so, that I've attained the SCJP and SCJD in my spare time. I'm a talented and creative problem solver with solid technical skills who greatly enjoys working with people. Please reveiw my resume below and get in contact with me to discuss any opportunities you may know of. My versatile and diverse experiences will allow me to effectively function in a wide variety of fields.

Objective:A position in software design, development and testing.

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering
Michigan State University, June 1995

Related Course Work:
Programming LanguagesDifferential Equations
Calculus 1-5Engineering Controls
Probability and Statistics Fluid Dynamics
Thermodynamics / Heat Transfer

Professional Experience:

Mechanical Project Engineer / Computer Programmer
(Jan 1996 � Present) � Designed and implemented custom computer solutions used to streamline engineering production. Authored detailed energy analysis studies utilizing DOE2.2 energy simulation software. Designed ductwork and piping for commercial construction projects. Managed multiple hospital HVAC renovations projects simultaneously.

Skills Set:
Java Apache XML AutoCad
Eclipse IDE MySQLMicrostation
Apache TomcatDOE2Apache Ant
Trane Trace

Employment History:
Mechanical Engineer, XXXXXXX Industries, August 2003 � Present
Self-employed in the restaurant business, May 2003 � August 2003
Mechanical Engineer, XXXX Engineering, June 2001 � May 2003
Mechanical Engineer, XXXX XXXX Associates, Jan 1996 � July 2000

Certifications and Registrations:
Sun Certified Java Developer - March, 2005
Sun Certified Java Programmer - March, 2001
Registered Professional Mechanical Engineer, June 2000

References available upon request.
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15 years ago
I have an RMI server running on a local machine within a wireless network.

I bind this server to the RMI registry with this call,

Naming.rebind("//localhost/Compute", engine);

This binds the server to the local area network (the wireless router) via
the local IP address the router provides for this particular machine, which is

Say, my WAN ip address (provided by the ISP) is I set-up a virtual server in the router so that any calls to the WAN ip address on port 1099, will be directed to port 1099 of the local machine, ip=

In my client I connect to the server with the following call,

compEngine = (Compute) Naming.lookup("rmi://");

It works great when the client is within the local network. However, when I try to connect outside of the local network, I have problems. It looks like the client finds the server and makes a connection. However, when I try to make a remote method call, I get the following exception:

java.rmi.ConnectException: Connection refused to host:; nested exception is: Connection timed out: connect
at sun.rmi.transport.tcp.TCPEndpoint.newSocket(
at sun.rmi.transport.tcp.TCPChannel.createConnection..............

I think there is a disconnect between the clients connection to the (WAN IP) and the (LAN IP)

I don't think it is my java.policy file, as I grant access to all, also, I have opened port 1099 in the firewall.

Has anybody experienced this? Thanks in advance, for your help.

[ January 20, 2005: Message edited by: David Moran ]
16 years ago