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Recent posts by Arun Kumar

Hi  Team,

Does any one has any idea on when the book will be available in India, right now we need to buy it from the global store and the price becomes prohibitive,


Arun MP

The scenario that you pointed out is valid and we can create a smart contract and implement the use-case, but when we go to business with the same story the obvious question will be why in block chain? cant we realize the same with a centralized service?  whats the monetary benefit?

There a a service provided by Lexus Nexus that already give me the prior carrier info, with well defined interfaces .when there is a clearly defined process which they have been following for some time business wont be willing to change.

The problem as such is well captured in the line "we should imagine new opportunities, and tackle even more ambitious problems that cross organizational, regulatory and mental boundaries. ".

I was looking for something that was already implemented or in vision phase a problem that block chain resolves for a corporate house.Torrents were a great invention and almost every one used them but was there a business case for a big corporation to use that? when we talk about businesses, we need to look at the data , me keeping my data(client base,financials,sales, my employee data) private is key to success ,in such scenario why should I put that out there in a public ledger?
7 years ago
First of all thrilled to have the author to talk to and hats off on putting out the book on block chain it has some really good reviews on Amazon. In every conference and  innovation centers we have been hearing about block chain, its the buzz world, but sadly nobody has a clear view on how this is going to affect the enterprise world where data is the core and needs to remain centralized.

For example the insurance industry, will block chain penetrate the same? I have been playing around with Ethereum and smart contracts  and know the basics.

from the description in Amazon "we should imagine new opportunities, and tackle even more ambitious problems that cross organizational, regulatory and mental boundaries. ", can you please state an example where a traditional industry like insurance  can employ the same and benefit from it?

There is a foreword from Vitalik Buterin so I assume the books contain examples or pointer to ethereum, does it discuss on the wider scope of how an enterprise should select /use and transition to the block chain world, because this is going to be the toughest challenge  enterprise architects and consultants will face, every client wants to know how and where he can use block chain an how to make profit out of the same.
7 years ago

Can any one guide me on how to buy TOGAF exam voucher in India, reached out to local prometric , they said Only exams can be taken there we need to buy the vouchers else where and they don't know from where . any help

Tried registering with the prometric online they did list the exam price to be as below...does this mean that just registering for the exam is enough?

Exam Pricing
Exam Price 320.00 USD
Tax 0.00 USD
Balance 320.00 USD

...One more thing ... has any one from India had registered this way ? the cost is listed in dollars I am not sure how the payment happens from my Debit card (in which the transaction happens in Rupees)


8 years ago
My last post actually a query/response to some one went missing , I got a mail saying some one had responded and I think I saw the same from my mobile tried to get it again after reaching home it had disappeared..did the original poster deleted it or was there any other problem?

TOGAF ยป Cleared TOGAF Part I with 97% (Go to)
8 years ago
In a world were the teams are spread across various geographies and time zones, how does DevOps fit in. Does the case studies in the book cover any such scenario?
8 years ago
We had developed an SPA application using DOJO, and one of the night mares that we ran into was the memory leaks that it produced in browser. SPA was to display the details corresponding to a single user soon users started to open multiple windows of the same application as it allowed them to simultaneously work with data of multiple users.

In Java world we have 'n' number of best practices on how to avoid memory leaks, and it forms one of the checklists for code review.

So my question is what would be the check list that we need to maintain when we start developing an SPA application?

Hi All,

Been stuck with a company for too long and think its time for a change, if you are recruiting a 9 years exp java developer what will be your expectation ?

Any pointers on what has to be prepared for the interview

Not many options in the part of the world that I live so don't want to throw away interviews


Arun MP
10 years ago
We are having hard time in cutomizing DOJo widgets to the look and feel required by our screen. we are able to use DOJO widgets with default themes like claro, tundra etc .but if we try to apply our own style it dosent have any effect on the element
CSS Class

DOJO element

Here class tb2 is completely ignored any idea?

We are trying to utilize springs support for DOJO, but once we add spring decoration to any element our custom style disappears and default theme takes effect. we could over come this by extending dojo widgets,

It seems to be an over kill as applying class on a normal dojo widget(without spring) works fine,code is pasted below,

class=tb2 is ignored after spring decoration takes effect, Please let me know how to solve the above isssue
11 years ago
Hi All,

I dont want to create a debate here!!

We are starting up a new project, with Springs inbuilt support for DOJO , we thought we will give it a try ,but later found that customizing the DOJO widgets were not an easy task,(Our custom CSS were being ignored, dont know whether we are doing something wrong here) .

The alternative would be Jquery, we dont have much experience in that as well, hence if you can give some directions based on your experiences that will be great


It all depends on the project that you are tagged to , its really hard to get a coding job with 9 years exp.. recently I was working with technical architect an there was lot of coding and tweaking the frame work it was fun .. got released from the project... told workforce manager that i am looking for a technical position.... raised eyebrows..and a question why cant you take up teamlead/manager position with this exp?

but there is hope for you .. in all MNC's in India there are a group well hidden in all vertical and horizontals, they are called "Technical center of excellence" group . as they are non billable ie not payed by the customer their number s are small and they can be seen only when there is a project initiation or when you hit a hard technical issue.
get into an MNC as a team lead/tech lead work on inside connections locate the TCOE team and get in to it this is the easiest way to be in an MNC and continue in technical stream, else you will be pulled into management stream

on Junilu' point there are lot of posts in MNC's designated as architects to please the employees but the real work is that of a senior developer and will overlap other roles like BSA,team lead etc and thus you will be called an architect but all work that comes your way will be that in visio excel and word
11 years ago
What is the level of scalability provided by Tomcat 7 in a production scenario? [Assuming high end hardware is available?]

11 years ago
Hi Kyle,

I am completely new to the concept of NoSQL databases,(I have experience with relational databases like SQL Server,Oracle,mysql etc)

Is MongoDB in action the right book to get started with NoSQL databases, does it explain the key concepts and provide some hands on?


Arun MP
12 years ago