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Aruna Agrawal

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Recent posts by Aruna Agrawal

what is the status of SCJA beta exam now?
congrats! to clear with such high scores..

i would like to know what u learned in the process...
like i learned basic concepts of java well in my SCJP preparation..

is it that u really become a good developer after this SCJD

18 years ago
Hi all,

williams,jay, Whats next? probably i will decide after a meeting with my friends... which depends on company policy as well. If company sponsors another test, i will go for SCBCD.. let see its too early.. but i will be on the forum always..only my frequency of apperance will keep changing

deshdeep divakar, for weakness in any particular section, post the question. but to build strategy read below.
whatever question u solve, dont check answers immediately
following these rules
1) Mark the option u feel is correct
2) Do this for all questions of a mock test/series
3) Then find out which all questions went wrong (dont see the right answer)
4) reattempt those questions which went wrong
5) till u give up your last mental strength or till u get all right yourself,u will go to step 3 again and again.
6) here u know that u dont know the why a particular answer even with the best of your intelligence couldnt solve it. look at the explanation given by the solution guide of that test
7) try hard to understand.. still not understood it time for external help. go to javaranch!
8) dont post question immediately. use search feature and try to find answer.. some one has already posted the detailed explanation and u can just read it direcly u save time of yours and others.
9) u couldnt find the answer using search feature of javaranch. frame a precise question and post it
10) follow rules laid by javaranch moderators..
11) also answer back to others if possible..
Mohan mani,Amit, thats the purpose of posting this good news..

rathiji, we all including you are real classmates here at Javaranch..

mi mohammed, yes i am passionate person. u r good at knowing people from distance

sorry if i have missed anybody's questions or good wishes given to me..
aruna :roll:
18 years ago
Hi friends

I cleared SCJP 1.4 today with 96% ( 59/61). 15 days back from today i took my first mock exam from sierra bates and got FAIL as per the status of exam. It opened my eyes earlier i was thinking SCJP is cakewalk.. i was overconfident. now in 15 days whatever time i got to study (remember i m working) , i read as many messages as i can at SCJP forum which really helped me.. I wont say thanks to anybody here as that is inferior way of reciprocating of what you all have done for all helped me like a family.. I am not so rich to repay all those who have helped me right now.. but yea if i have money in future, i shall donate to keep this forum going..
and pls dont say congrats .i know u all are there with me during my preparation and now also in this celebration time..
Now my suggestions for those giving the exam
1) Fundamental Classes
2) Collections
i lost 1 question in each of these areas.. so 59/61.
dont solve tough questions .. SCJP test ONLY basic concepts concepts which are fundamental.. keep this in mind ALWAYS.. sierra and bates exams( i took 2 complete exam) were closest to the real exam.
Anything else u want to know, pls pls feel free to ask..
Thanks (oops! i said it
18 years ago
hey thanks all.. it was a stupid question.. on readng again my know question i got the answer.. and it got confimed by you all guys...

thanks a lot

i will take care not to post just stupid question..

Originally posted by Mark Spritzler:
A and C are worng because 1) They are not guaranteed to return the same order when iterating. 2) They are not sorted sets/maps.


why they are not guaranteed to return.. i guess because hashcode is a native method and uses raw memory adderss to compute hashcode for object...

so i close this topic.. assuming what i said is right... thanks Mark..
it does not need is fine.. but what harm is there if i give it..why compiler complains.. compiler is surely cheating in this case..
similar analogy : to access static method we dont need a object. but if u call on object its fine..

awaiting justice
Which of the following are not legal Java identifiers?
Select 1 correct option.
a goto
Although not used, it's a reserved word.
b unsigned
It's not a reserved or keyword.
c String
Yes, it is valid. This is a valid statement: String String = "String";
d _xyz
Can start with _ or $
e $_abc
Can have _ or $.

Ans a.
why not b??

Originally posted by Animesh Shrivastava:
When u extend any class, the super class's accessible members also become members of the sub class. Thats how u can just invoke any instance method of super class from ur sub class instance method.

now lets see i change your statment .. replace class with interface and remove word instance...
so hows this
When u extend any interface, the super interface's accessible members also become members of the sub interface. Thats how u can just invoke any method of super interface from ur sub interface method.
:roll: :roll: :roll:

Originally posted by Ajay Bhargov:
Hi Aruna,

There may be some situation where a method in ur subclass may access a property in your superclass. So for the code to work now all the superclass properties should be initialized.

similar situation can exist in interfaces as well

Ans: a and d
Why b is wrong???

always loving
You application requires to store name value pairs such that the order of entries returned while iterating through the structure is deterministic. In other words, if you iterate over the same structure twice, the order of elements returned in both the iterations will be the same. Which of the following classes would you use?

Select 2 correct options
a HashMap
b LinkedHashSet
c HashTable
d LinkedHashMap
e TreeMap
It always returns the entires in sorted order.
Ans is d and e...
even hashmap and hashtable return in same way as same hashing algo will be used all the time... pls help
Thanks Jim for your final reply.. i will follow your suggestion..

Originally posted by Animesh Shrivastava:
Only when u need the interface u implement it.
So, why to initialize until we need.
Thats the main intent what i believe.

The above logic of yours apply to class also... if i am just refering a variable of a class, then intialize only that class.. why unnessary initalize its superclass way to Object class.. when i use any function of superclass themn intialize that class...if i use notify or wait then initialize object class till thendont inialize the way we do for interfaces..