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The JavaScript frameworks change fast. I don't know how many are still using Dojo today. jQuery works better. But will it last for another 2-3 years? How would it compare with the latest JavaScript frameworks like React.js, Angular.js etc?
I have some experiences on Dojo. I'm not sure how well jQuery supports accessibility. Is there a chapter focused on this?
There is one chapter about testing lambda expressions. If I remember it right, it's chapter 7.
10 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote: The correct Shakespearean quote is

A closer by any other name would work as sweet

Thanks Campbell. I finally find it here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_rose_by_any_other_name_would_smell_as_sweet
10 years ago
Hi Richard,

I'm translating the book into Chinese. It's great to meet you on JavaRanch. I have a question about the Shakespeare quote

A closure by any other name will function all the same.

on page 9 chapter 2. I don't read Shakespeare, and give it a brave guess in my translation. Could you confirm if the meaning is same with the quote below? Could you elaborate on the quote if my guess is wrong?

No matter white or black, the cat who can get the mouse is the good cat. -Deng Xiao Ping

10 years ago

I don't find some sample chapters or table of contents online. What does this book look like? Does this book cover lambda, functional programming, Option etc.
10 years ago
Java 8 seems a big deal. What features do you think are most useful in our daily work?

I also see a chapter about Scala. What's this chapter about. It seems Java 8 borrows something from Scala, for example the Option object.
10 years ago
I heard EJB is hard to learn. And there are other frameworks and libraries get more popular in the communities, for example Spring. And Java seems not the only platform to build enterprise applications. What are the cons of EJB? Are there lots of good paid EJB jobs on the market?

Thanks in advance.
wow! I just find it's the same author with Head First Design Patterns! I would suggest the Head First series by the author to everyone.
My girlfriend got to learn HTML&CSS with the author's last book: Head First XHTML&CSS. She had no experiences of programming before. But she could write some cute HTML pages after finish the book. So thank you very much for writing such a good book.

Back to this book. I see functional programming, prototype and closure mentioned in the table of contents. These things are often rated as some advanced topic. My question is the book for someone have some programming experiences before?
I remember I saw this rabbit on one book for children. Could you tell me where the rabbit come from?

BTW, is the author the same one who wrote a book on Scala fro impatient?
10 years ago
Developing with a dynamic language is a little painful. It happens a small typo will cause some time to debug. I'm wondering how comfortable developing server side with Node. It's different with client side. We have no choice on client side. But there are lots of good languages for the server side.
I'm interested in how to do unit test of SPA. I have some experiences of using Dojo's DOH test framework. The biggest challenge is how to write our widgets to be testable. How do you add unit test for your SPA?