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Recent posts by markthaiman markthaiman

Hi Ankur Bhatt

Forgot to tell u.I have no problem with Drag-Drop questions. Also no questions are about fill in a bank space.Just only 2 drag-drop and 68 mutiple choice questions
Hope this help u na

Good Luck
Hi Ankur Bhatt

I got 2 questions about Drag-drop.It is not hard. One is about MIME-TYPE and another one is about how to declare param in jsp tag jsp:include and jsp;param. I took exam in Australia. U have to memorize about DD declaration.Then u will get it

Hope is relevant to your questions

Good Luck
Hi Everyone

First of all thanks to your guys and this forum that can help me to pass exam with 88%. As I mention before I will update the exam after I finished
Exam contain 70 question
1. 6-8 --> EL
2. 5-6 --> Design Pattern
3. 10-12 ---> JSP + JSTL
4. 2-3 ---> Filter
5. 2 ---> EJB + MINETYPE
6. 5-6 ---> Servelt model

First time I failed with 60%. Then I prepare again. The probelm with my last time is about mememory. I can not answer simple question if u can memorize some of methods. I prepare again and try to memorize methos and class interface from HF book.I found that exam is not really hard but there are a lot of question asking you about methods.You have to memorize some of them
Samples I got in my exam ask you about

1. getSession(),getSession(true),getSession(false)
2. getResourceAsStream()
3. URL rewritting concept
4. c:choose, c:when, c:import, jsp aram
5. MIMETYPE and EBJ-LOCAL-REF declaration
6. Simple and Classic tag, tag files
7. jsp:setProperty. jsp:useBean and jsp aram
8. EL is like in example in HF book

I also found that and je2eee web is quite useful.Fianlly thanks to anyone in this forum and hope my information will be useful to you guys

Mark (Thaiman)
Thanks Durgaprasad Guduguntla

I gonna take exam Feb 3. I also thanks to u helping me clearifying about this.I will be update u guys after I finish exam about question in exam.

Hi anyone,

I have some doubts about Declaration for <scripting-invalid>
Let say if we specify like below in DD

declare -->
<url-pattern> do.jsp </url-pattern>
<scripting-invalid> true </scripting-invalid>

From this declaration, it means that scripting is not allowed in do.jsp.
My question is what happen if we declare scripting in do.jsp
1. Scripting Not evaluated and print nothing
2. Scripting not evaluated and exception is thrown

Could anyone please explain about this? I am still new about this.