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Why don't u allow a session ID to be passed along with the rest of the information in the XML messages?


Frank Verbruggen
18 years ago
This report shows the total number of points awarded for each section.
The maximum number of points is 400, to pass you need a score of 320. Section summary:
Section Max Points Actual Points
General Con: 100 71
Documentation: 70 57
OOD: 30 23
GUI: 40 40
Locking: 80 80
Data Store: 40 40
Network Server: 40 13

Total: 400 324

Cheers (I hadn't programmed Java for four years previous to starting this exam)

Thx to this forum, and all the people who helped me along the way
19 years ago
I have Maven up and running, generating all kinds of nice stuff.


SCM checks out fine, but when I want to view changelog, it gives no changes. Even though I posted the changes myself to the CVSNT server.
What is wrong ???

I use WSAD for my upload to CVS.
My total configuration is available if u need it to help me, but I cant post it here.
Plz help me out, send answers to my email if possible:
19 years ago
It is not needed.

But, I chose to lock the entire database when I do any operation.
This seems like a dumb thing at first, but it saves u a lot of scenario testing for your locking scheme.
Furthermore, good table based locking (not the one we are implementing) is FASTER than record based locking.
This is because of the lack of overhead on row level locks.
So even though it is not needed to lock when reading, I would (and do).
Document your decisions well !
Good luck
Hi Paul,

I chose the same solution as Frans did.
Not to throw the DuplicateKeyException at all.
But, there is another possibility,
and that is to define what u think is a key, note it in choices and
make it a RuntimeException (that way, update can also throw it, because it needn't be declared), and throw it when necessary.
Good luck

Originally posted by Frans Janssen:

Or (I would guess this is essentially the same; look it up if you want to be sure):


THAT was where I was looking for (a long time ago, that is)
Thanx ranchers

Such configuration information must be stored in a file called which must be located in the current working directory.

Percieved by me as the file must be in:

Now I wonder, how to append to this user dir the filename in such a way that it will work on systems other than Windows too ?

Idea's ???
I've improved my code since:

Thanx anyhow

NOTE: Plz remove this post if it contains too much code...


The update method could throw the DuplicateKeyException if u made that exception extend RuntimeException.

I myself chose to not throw the exception. Ever.
Because I think that the database does not specify keys,
thus a duplicate key can never exist.

I will document this in choices.txt

But there seem to always be many options, just be sure to document your decisions !
Good luck,

This was not sufficient for me...

public void addObserver(RemoteObserver observer)
throws RemoteException {
if (remote) {

What more needs to be done ???
Hi Frans,

ok thx,
have you seen my emails to u yet ?
A reply would be nice, else send me ur working email address, so I can post u there, response time is way slow this way

BTW this is not a deadlock, but it is a client waiting for a very long time.
What does this scenario do if notifyAll() is used instead of notify() ?
Thx Frans

I have decided on an Adapter pattern for my RMI to clients for reasons discussed elsewhere.
Now I wonder, what shall I offer in my client interface...

method needed in thin client offered in DBAccess

CreateRecord not needed y
DeleteRecord not needed y
UpdateRecord -> BookRecord y
ReadRecord needed y
SearchRecord needed y
CountRecord needed n

CountRecord is a method for retrieving the size of my AbstractDataModel.
Of course, I can let my client retrieve all the records once, and then record their count, but this is very awkward.

So, then this remains, what to offer in the interface ???
Congrats Frans

PS read my private message to u in your profile
[ February 09, 2005: Message edited by: Frank Verbruggen ]
19 years ago
Aaah thx, very reassuring