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Recent posts by Phaneendra Pochinapeddi

If you are trying to call web service from SOAP UI as client, in the properties set the timeout to be '0', which is infinite for SOAP UI with no timeout limit.

If the client is not SOAP UI, make sure the web service wsdl is accessible, if not you can try to restart web service and see if your client will be able to hit the service.
11 years ago
It is because below select statement might be returning multiple results. I have seen this happening and by making sure that the select query returns only single result, hanging of executeQuery will not happen


Can you add this in web.xml, right above <servlet> mapping

Let us know if this helps..Thanks
14 years ago
Here are my thoughts..

Try wrapping as below

Also try removing immediate="true" in

14 years ago
Hello Ranchers

I have cleared SCWCD 5.0 with 78% today...
Thanks to you all, as most of the questions i had during my preparation, were already discussed in the forum and helped me to get clarified. It took around 8 weeks.

Here are some tips..

1. Do not take exam unless you are really ready and had already solved many mock questions atleast 400+ from everywhere including HFSJ Final exam, Chapter wise questions, enthuware mock, Marcus green mock etc. Even though i did not score well in HFSJ Final exam, i felt comfortable in taking real exam.

2. Read HFSJ 2-3 times. Book by Manning is excellent, provides more inputs and crisp clear. I like this book.

3. Notes from MZ and Ashok's API compilation is good ..

4. Once you got most of the concepts from above, read Servlet 2.4 Specs, JSP 2.0...This will give you more finer points and clear cut understanding

5. Read core tags explanation from JSTL 1.1 Specs..these helped me getting 100% in JSP Technology model

6. Peabody SCWCD patterns helps a lot..i scored 100% in design patterns

Most of the confusion during mocks i had was in EL, and custom tags...Marcus green tutorial on custom tags and Servlet Specs should clear these topics.

Good luck to everyone who is about to venture and thanks again, to you all !!
15 years ago
I purchased today SCWCD by Hanumant DESHMUKH AND JIGNESH MALAVIA.
I Think along with HFS&j, this will help....

All the best