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Hey Hari,

Congrats dude for excellent score.Keep it up.Will talk to you soon.

Thankx guys got the answer.Appreciate your time and effort.

Hey guys,

HFS pg no 320 excellent table to remember when an EL expression would be evaluated and when they would be ignored.

When we say EL is enabled by default as opposed to assertions means isELIgnored is false and <el-ignored> also takes false value.When either of them is unspecified means they have false values for them unless explicitly mentioned as true.

When we say isELIgnored page directive unspecified means (false by default)and DD value of <el-ignored> is true means then in this case the EL expression would be ignored as page directive has precedence over DD value.

If my understanding is correct pls. check pg 325 excercise (1) row # 3.
I think the check mark should be in evaluated box and not in the ignored box.Pls. comment.

Congrtats Himanshu.Good work man.

Did you have previous experience with Servlets/JSP before?
Any specific resources you wanna share with us ranchers.

Thankx Nitish. Now I gotcha.Good thankx for the reply.Its clear now.Answers are correct too.

Appreciate your time and effort.
Hey guys,

Pls answer this question about filters and their calling sequence.
I think Nitish is rite.Default for doStartTag() is SKIP_BODY and hence doAfterBody() is not called and hence body is not evaluated and only Hello is printed.
Hey Thariq,

Correct choice man.The book is excellent it tells you concepts is easy way.It is like reading ones personal notes.

The book is definitely good.Go for it.
Hey karthik,

The doGet() method we get from inheretence need to be overidden to be used in our servlet.By default html sends the request using GET method.
You would have doGet() method from HttpServlet but it would not be useful as no code is written in it to handle your sepecific request.

The server tries to look for your specific doGet() method version in your class and not the doGet() of HttpServlet.With my understanding you need to explicitly override doGet() or else declare mehtod="post" in your html form.

I hope I have answered your question a little bit atleast.
17 years ago
Congratulations Karen.Job well done seeing such short duration.
BTW previously did you have any experience with Servlets or jsp.

Hey Nitish,

Appreciate your time and effort man.

I can get #1,#4 and #5 but there is a little discrepancy for #2 and #3.

The answers given in the book as Filter Sequence are pg no 695
#2 given is 1,5,2 and
#3 given is 1,5,4.

But I would say Filter Sequence for,
#2 should have been 1,2 and
#3 should have been 1,4.

There is no need for 5 in either of the cases as they both have a perfect match in the DD.

Pls. clarify,

SCJP (92%)
SCWCD (in progress)
Hey guys,

However, the rules of filter mapping are a little different. The container uses the order in the deployment descriptor, <url-pattern>, and <servlet-mapping> to determine ALL filters that needs to be invoked. (there can be more than 1). Consequently, you have a chain of filters.

This is perfect.How do rules of filter mapping differ.From HFS I could not understand pg no 680 how the answers were given on pg no 695.

Appreciate guys,

SCJP (92%)
SCWCD (in progress)
Hey guys,

Could anyone tell me the difference between <url pattern> tag used by the container for filter chaining and that for request chaining.I mean container rules for ordering filters using DD differ those for request a little more insight.