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Ram Pra

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Recent posts by Ram Pra

Thanks Everyone !!
Actually I was not setting the path for the cookies created on the client side, wehn I set my path to "/" I could access the cookies on the server without any problems.
Thanks again.
16 years ago
Why don't I see the cookie created by client side javascript on the server.Is there something which I am missing here.
16 years ago
I have looked at all the cookies in the HTTP header and it doesn't exist.
As we are using a FORM based authentication , we need some information from the login page so we decided to put the information into the cookie using client side javascript which doesn't work.
I also tried to create an intermediate servlet before the j_security_check and I was able to create a cookie and access it from my request after the container's authentication process.But the problem there is that I am unable to use RequestDispatcher, i will have to use sendRedirect which displays the URL on the address bar.
16 years ago
Does anyone know how to access a cookie created on the client using javascript on the server.
When I tried, I don't see the cookie in the HttpRequest object.
Is it possible to access the client side cookies created using javascript on the server using the HttpRequest object.
Thanks in advance.
16 years ago
Hello All,
Could anybody tell me how to create the global roles and map it to
the the users and groups on external LDAP.
I have been trying to do this on weblogic8.1 from past 2 weeks but
no success.
Actually we are using the JAAS framework for the authentication.
We have two roles role1 and public which has to be mapped to all the
users and groups in LDAP.
Till now I have tried all the possible ways -
1. Adding the principle-name element in weblogic.xml
2. Adding externally-defined element in weblogic.xml
3. Defining the Global Roles thru the weblogic console and adding
the roles to the security policy defination for the WAR file.
16 years ago
Hello All,
Has anybody configured JAAS with weblogic8.1, if so please let me know the steps or the procedure.
We have an application running on Websphere for which the configuring of the JAAS and the LoginModule is pretty simple, but I have to run the same application on Weblogic8.1.
When I try to run the application on weblogic I get the following error No LoginModules configured for name :
Any input would be appreciated
16 years ago
Hello All,
We are facing a strange problem here in calling stored procedures from a CMP bean using TYPE $ drivers , the container throws an javax.ejb.ObjectNotFoundException.
We are using JRun3.1 and the same code works fine when used with JDBC-ODBC Bridge.
This happens only in the finder methods, the stored procedure calls from remove() and store() methods work fine.
Does anyone know the reason for this, i have tried using three type 4 drivers - JTurbo, INet Opta and Data Direct drivers.
All of these have the same problem.
Any insight on this would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
I saw the post on Yahoo groups and tried to implementthe same for defaultTransactionTimeout.
But still I get the same error.
Ajith Could you help me out of this ??
17 years ago
In one of our entity beans we have a join in the load sql to a view.
And the load is working fine for all the records except for a few , in which one of the columns which contains the name is not being loaded.
And if i take the same load SQL and execute it thru the query analyzer I get the results correctly.But the entity bean is returning me a null value for this particular column, I also tried changing the data in the column, but didn't help.
We are using EJB1.1 and JRun3.1 server.
Does anybody know the reason for this.
Any help would be appreciated.
Ram Pra
Network Authentication here I mean NT authentication.
Hi All,
We have the network authentication set up here for the MS Sqlserver , and at present we are using the JDBC-ODBC Bridge for the java application.
Could anybody tell me whether we can configure Type 4 drivers to use the NT authentication as using JDBC-ODBC bridge is not recommended for use in production.
Thanks in advance.
Thank you,
That was a problem with the JRun server, once I installed their patch findAll methods started working in a normal way
What are all the reasons for which a findAll method returns a 0 collection, we are using JRun4 and the findBy primary key works fine where as all the findAll methods return a collection of size 0.
Ram Pra
Here is the bean code ...
package com.ltcg.resol.dataaccess.exrule;
import javax.ejb.EntityBean;
import javax.ejb.EntityContext;
import java.rmi.RemoteException;
import javax.ejb.EJBException;
import javax.ejb.CreateException;
import java.sql.SQLException;
import javax.ejb.FinderException;
import java.util.Collection;
* @ejbHome <{com.ltcg.resol.DataAccess.ExRule.resol_pol_ex_rule_typeHome}>
* @ejbRemote <{com.ltcg.resol.DataAccess.ExRule.resol_pol_ex_rule_type}>
* @ejbPrimaryKey <{com.ltcg.resol.DataAccess.ExRule.resol_pol_ex_rule_typePK}>
* @ejbSchemaName dbo*/
public class resol_pol_ex_rule_typeBean implements EntityBean {
private EntityContext ctx;
public int resol_pol_ex_rule_type_id;
public short rpert_logical_operator_cd;
public short rpert_value;
public short resol_pol_ex_type_status_cd;
public short resol_pol_ex_type_cd;
public int resol_pol_ex_type_status_id;
public int resol_pol_ex_rule_id;
private resol_pol_ex_ruleBean FK_relationship2;
public void setEntityContext(EntityContext context) throws RemoteException, EJBException {
ctx = context;
public void unsetEntityContext() throws RemoteException, EJBException {
ctx = null;
public void ejbActivate() throws RemoteException, EJBException {
public void ejbPassivate() throws RemoteException, EJBException {
public void ejbRemove() throws RemoteException, EJBException {
public void ejbStore() throws RemoteException, EJBException {
public void ejbLoad() throws RemoteException, EJBException {
* This method initializes the bean and creates a record in the resol_pol_ex_rule_type table
* @param int resol_pol_ex_rule_type_id
* short rpert_logical_operator_cd
* @return Object;Object of type resol_pol_ex_rule_typePK
* @exception CreateException, EJBException, RemoteException, SQLException
public resol_pol_ex_rule_typePK ejbCreate(int resol_pol_ex_rule_type_id, short rpert_logical_operator_cd, short rpert_value, short resol_pol_ex_type_status_cd, short resol_pol_ex_type_cd, int resol_pol_ex_type_status_id, int resol_pol_ex_rule_id) throws CreateException, EJBException, RemoteException, SQLException {
this.resol_pol_ex_rule_type_id = resol_pol_ex_rule_type_id;
this.rpert_logical_operator_cd = rpert_logical_operator_cd;
this.rpert_value = rpert_value;
this.resol_pol_ex_type_status_cd = resol_pol_ex_type_status_cd;
this.resol_pol_ex_type_cd = resol_pol_ex_type_cd;
this.resol_pol_ex_type_status_id = resol_pol_ex_type_status_id;
this.resol_pol_ex_rule_id = resol_pol_ex_rule_id;
return null;
public void ejbPostCreate(int resol_pol_ex_rule_type_id, short rpert_logical_operator_cd, short rpert_value, short resol_pol_ex_type_status_cd, short resol_pol_ex_type_cd, int resol_pol_ex_type_status_id, int resol_pol_ex_rule_id) throws CreateException, EJBException, RemoteException, SQLException {
// Write your code here
* This method finds the unique exclusion rule type indexed by primary key
* @param Object;Object of type resol_pol_ex_rule_typePK
* @return Object;Object of type resol_pol_ex_rule_type
* @exception FinderException,EJBException, RemoteException, SQLException
public resol_pol_ex_rule_type ejbFindByPrimaryKey( resol_pol_ex_rule_typePK pk) throws FinderException, RemoteException, EJBException {
this.resol_pol_ex_rule_type_id = pk.resol_pol_ex_rule_type_id;
return null;
* This method finds all rule types for a rule
* @param int resol_pol_ex_rule_id
* @return Collection;collection of primary keys
* @exception FinderException,EJBException, RemoteException, SQLException
public Collection ejbFindAllRuleTypeForRule(int param) throws FinderException, RemoteException, EJBException {
this.resol_pol_ex_rule_id = param;
return null;
public int getResol_pol_ex_rule_type_id(){ return resol_pol_ex_rule_type_id; }
public void setResol_pol_ex_rule_type_id(int param){ this.resol_pol_ex_rule_type_id = param; }
public short getRpert_logical_operator_cd(){ return rpert_logical_operator_cd; }
public void setRpert_logical_operator_cd(short param){ this.rpert_logical_operator_cd = param; }
public short getRpert_value(){ return rpert_value; }
public void setRpert_value(short param){ this.rpert_value = param; }
public short getResol_pol_ex_type_status_cd(){ return resol_pol_ex_type_status_cd; }
public void setResol_pol_ex_type_status_cd(short param){ this.resol_pol_ex_type_status_cd = param; }
public short getResol_pol_ex_type_cd(){ return resol_pol_ex_type_cd; }
public void setResol_pol_ex_type_cd(short param){ this.resol_pol_ex_type_cd = param; }
public int getResol_pol_ex_type_status_id(){ return resol_pol_ex_type_status_id; }
public void setResol_pol_ex_type_status_id(int param){ this.resol_pol_ex_type_status_id = param; }
public int getResol_pol_ex_rule_id() {return resol_pol_ex_rule_id ;}
public void setResol_pol_ex_rule_id(int param) { this.resol_pol_ex_rule_id = param ;}
The method from which I am calling the create method is ....
public void createExRuleTypes(EJBFactoryWrapper ejbFact, ExRuleTypeVO param) throws RemoteException, ExRuleException {
jndiName = "java:resol_pol_ex_rule_typeBean";
System.out.println("In createExRuleType - ");
System.out.println("In createExRuleType - " + "ruleTypeId=" + param.ruleTypeId + " logicalOpCd= " +
param.logicalOpCd + " ruleTypeValue=" + param.ruleTypeValue +
" ruleTypeStatusCd=" + param.ruleTypeStatusCd + " typeCd=" + param.typeCd
+ " typeStatusId=" + param.typeStatusId + " ruleId=" + param.ruleId);
resolPolExRuleTypeHome = (resol_pol_ex_rule_typeHome) ejbFact.getHomeInterface(jndiName);
System.out.println("In createExRuleType - Got the home interface " + resolPolExRuleTypeHome);
resolPolExRuleType = resolPolExRuleTypeHome.create(param.ruleTypeId, param.logicalOpCd, param.ruleTypeValue, param.ruleTypeStatusCd, param.typeCd, param.typeStatusId, param.ruleId);
System.out.println("In createExRuleType - Created the data " );
catch (Exception exception)
throw new ExRuleException("Error creating rule type in ExRuleBean" + exception.getMessage(), exception);
Hope this info will do.
Thanks ,
Why do i get the following error when I call the create on an entity bean.
FYI - The create method doesn't have any String arguments passed to it.All the parameters are int and short.

java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 0; nested exception is: javax.ejb.EJBException: