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Recent posts by Andrew Nicolai

Whoa! Isn't the business delegate just supposed to provide a view of the business functions / services to the client and the lookup / cache to be handled by the service locator. So why mix the two into the delegate?

Originally posted by Bil Bob:
so i take it u did lots of component diagrams then? many went for just one.

I went for just one, Bill.

did u include too much info maybe? or not enough?
I dunno, I put in all my JSPs, the facades, the service locators and the DAOs. You tell me.

My component diagram was rather large but just one class diagram was also pretty big.

did it all relate perfectly to the other sections/diagrams?

I think so!

Originally posted by Ajith Kallambella:
[QB]Too much details is unlikely the reason for taking away the marks. My guesses are too little detail or vague representations. Without seeing exactly what you submitted, it is impossible to point out the mistakes and without knowing the mistakes, it is very hard to give advice. But here are some things that can improve your chance of success.

Thanks Ajith.

Some details...
I had just one component diagram, laying out all my jsps, the controllers, the service locator, the facade and the DAOs. I had no packages in my diagram. Could that be the reason? I am not very sure. The diagrams were UML 1.5 compliant.

Assuming a normal J2EE application using JSPs, controllers, facades and DAOS how would you go about organizing them into components? More specifically I am beggining to assume that I lost marks because I did not arrange them into packages.
Hello all,

I was shocked to find my results yesterday where I found that I had failed SCEA - II .

I had a break up of 39 for class, 21 for component and 9 for sequence diagrams. I failed by 1 mark!!

I just cant figure it out. What could I have done so terribly wrong in my component diagrams to lose 23 marks! My component diagrams were exact Cade and Roberts style.

I have a hunch it was because I represented the "components" using 1.X UML style with the prongs in the side.

Please saloon mates, I need your expert advice.