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Recent posts by tilak kumar

hi all,

i have mapped "actions" and "roles" classes using many-to-many association, with the intermediate table "roleaction".
i wanted to display all the roles and actions in separate combo boxes.
i did this using struts.
where structs Action class gets the list of roles and actions using
hibernates. this list is passed to jsp and displayed in combo box.
when ever i run the jsp hibernate is deleteting all the rows of the intemediate table "roleaction".
what is the use of assigning subclass reference to super class reference
18 years ago
these r some interview questions kindly give answers.
what will happen to excetion object after exception handling

which of the following r true
a)the Float class extends Double class
b)The System class extends Runtie class
c)Voi class extends the class Class

which of the following java.util classes support internationalization

how can we load drivers
18 years ago
what r key features of ejb technology
what platform does ejb technology run on
is ejb technology is realy going to fulfillthe promise of true portability
what is ejb
how does j2ee relate to ejb technology
instead of init() mathod can we declare our own constructor
18 years ago
whatis the scope of <%@page errorpage=" " %>
how is jsp technology differ from other products?
can i generate nad manipulate jsp pages using xml tools
18 years ago
is create method is user defined or it is specified in any class.
if it is userdefined why cann't we can have other name
whether create and EJBcreate are userdefined or predefined.
if they r predefined to which they belong to.
Can we call destroy() method forcefully ?
18 years ago
Can a JSP be used as controllor in MVC architecture ?
If NO, why ?
18 years ago
what r the feauture of new version for the following
older version & servlet2.3
older version & jsp1.2
older version & ejb2.0
Difference between Entity beans in EJB 1.1 & EJB 2.0 ?
18 years ago
What is the difference between RequestDispatcher.forward(request req,response res)
And response.sencRedirect("url");?
18 years ago
can any one reply with jsp program to allow end user to upload a file.
that file should be scanned by jsp program and if not infected, then file can be stored in server
18 years ago
how to scan a file and upload it if the file is not infected
18 years ago