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Recent posts by MI Mohammed

I am trying to develop a diary ejb app.
a client can multiple phone numbers
and representative, who also can have
multiple phone numbers.How to I capture
this multiplicity in my web front end, as
the no of phone numbers of different representative
and client varies.
Will appreciate any contributions.
Hey, just to say big thanks to all you guys
(including ladies) out there for the sleepless
night of 5.0 exam. Check my status on both prometric
and i7, both read pass and certified. Happy 5.0
Valentine day.
The problem is with the version of jdk, you are using
alot have been posted before about the same issue. So,
I will just add the link for you to follow. I hope
it thus help.

web page
Hi susan,
That isn't a bad result.It just shows some of your weak points.What you
have to do is take a critical look at the areas you scored low. Then
put in more effort on those areas before your final exams. Ask questions,
no matter how trival it might be. Had similar problems, before someone from this forum gave me Mastering EJB 3rd Edition,think about 2 weeks to my
exams. Had to put lots of effort and finally came out with 91.
So, keep it cool and calm. All the best.

Hi Evelyn,
Why is my local prometric center demanding for voucher.
I was told that they need to get a voucher before I can
be registered for the exams Pls help me out before it's
Interceptors can have basically three access levels.
1. Application ie with ejb-jar file
This are called default interceptors. The affect all
classes with their methods. Can only be specify in DD.
But Classes and method can be configured to ignore it.

2. The next is Class interceptor, yap, once declared
it is applicable to all the class methods, again except
it is ignored using dependency injector or DD.

3. Method level, apply to the method in which it is applied.

Also not the the transition is addictive, ie if interceptors are applied
to the application(default), ame for all class methods.
Check the spec for more details.
Hope it helps.
Please can somebody help explain the meaning
of these word, in respect of software development.

The answer to your question is a capital NO, you can't use the AWT or
swing component API within the Java EE Application server, ie in your bean
class but you can have a GUI client application for your deployed (EJBs)
server applications.
Check programming restriction section of the spec.

Thanks for the correction. I am preparing for the
SCBCD 5.0 beta exam. Deployed a 2.1 seesion bean that
exposes both local and remote clien view on Sun
Application Server 9.1. But was only able to call
the remote interface from my client without any error.
Or was it wrong to call both interfaces from the same
Please can someone help me out.
In EJB 2.1, a session can expose both local
and remote client view. Does the same hold for
3.0. And will a 3.0 container support EJB 2.1
session beans that exposes both client views ?

Hi Rajan,
Thanks for the info.
I will call NIIT, cos that's
where I take my exams.
Hi Evelyn,
Thanks for your effort. I have been trying to register for
the exam but my problem is that am in Lagos Nigeria and my
country is not list either on Sun site or prometric site.
Called Sun office in the Uk, i was referred to the prometric
site. Also called the prometric office but was told I needed
a voucher from Sun before I can be registered for the exams.
Please will really appreciate your assistance.

Please what is the Test Code ? Am still unable to register.
I called Prometric in the UK and they requested for the
Test Code.
Please where do i get information about the beta exams, I have waiting
for it. For books, try Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans 4th edition,
EJB 3.0 specification, Persistance specification.