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I split the strings into array's and then compared each element of the array. I guess it's the same as tokenizing the string

the relativeDir boolean ensures you don't get output like

it's not the funkiest code, but it works.
18 years ago
In general disagreement with this thread, I'd have to say newer games are better on the whole since they're so much more immersive than older games. Games like battlefield 2 or World of Warcraft imho are a lot more entertaining than Castle Wolfenstein or Wizardry.

It's just that as we get older, we have so many other things on our plates that we can't invest the same amount of emotional involvement into a game as we used to, and so finishing a level or killing a boss just doesn't engage us like it once did. So we think back to our old gaming experiences and how much fun we had back then and compare those games to the present games which as a result don't seem as good.

I personally have a number of great old game moments when I was blown away by something or totally sucked into it, but I also know, if I go back and play those old games after being spoilt by the quality of todays games, then those memories would lose their magical quality.

Also Dave, possibly the reason you didn't like Civ III is because you had played the first two to death and had burnt out on them...It's generally regarded as the best of the civ series in terms of AI and game balance as well as graphics.
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18 years ago
The Marathon Trilogy bungie released for the mac before MS bought them out. Like Halo but with a much deeper, complex and interesting story line, came out at the same time as doom and doom 2 and were years ahead. I think you can download them for free these days, along with an opensource project aimed at updating the engine.

Counterstrike and Day of Defeat
Diablo 2
Civ 2
Sim city 2000

Oh and I wasted vast amounts of my early childhood playing Pirates! on the mac...
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18 years ago
As a relatively recent highschool graduate (1999) spending time at both a public highschool and a private highschool in Brisbane, I can probably help you out here.

The religious overtones in various private school educations aren't such a big deal, as most kids aren't particularly interested anyway thanks to tv. I think both private and public schools have their negative sides if your child falls in with the wrong crowd, though public schools are probably more destructive in this area, since the kids drop out a lot harder...

There's a lot more emphasis on doing well academically at private schools from the student population, though there's a lot more victimisation of kids who don't fit in.

The kids are probably a bit more "pent up", as a result of being in a single sex school, but I think thats more prevalent in the boys schools than in the girls schools...and no one ends up a sexual freak per se...also study's show that girls tend to do a lot better in all girl classrooms, since boys tend to be pretty disruptive

i'd recommend that you stay clear of the larger private schools, and take a look at some of the more moderate less established ones like Brisbane State High, Ormeau college or John Paul College.

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18 years ago
it depends on what morals and values you're using to pass judgement on something. 100 million people died last century in wars on account of judgements being made based on flawed morals and values.

even today, issues like global warming and human rights abuses threaten the future of our species and politicians and corporate leaders refuse to do anything about it on account of their morals and values putting more value on their own personal wealth and power than on the well being of the rest of planet.
18 years ago
by attempting to lessen the guilt of a rapist by shifting the blame on to what the woman was wearing you are almost condoning the actions of the rapist. both men and women have similar urges when it comes to sex, and if you're going to require that women cover up to stop men from desiring them, you should be requiring the same for men, whether or not they are less likely to get's only fair after all...

how about instead of blaming what the women was wearing, you start blaming the men who don't have the level of self control and respect for their fellow humans to stop and think about the harm they're about to commit.


i think when natural urges are repressed and the human body is considered evil, then things like rape are more likely to occur. people always lust more after what they don't have, and by repressing the antidote to those lusts, you're increasing the likely hood that they are going to be acting on in a violent manner.

it seems to me that it's a mistake to think that by removing the object of your desires, that your desire is somehow removed as desire itself is wanting what you don't have...

sure natalie portman is hot, but every day i walk down the street in australia, i see beautiful women, and while i enjoy the sight, it's hardly an earth shattering, brain imploding event...however it might be a different matter if all the women in australia had to wear veils.

i saw a study that compared the level of sexual repression to the levels of violence, domestic abuse and depression in a society and came back with a very resounding link between the two...i'd find the name of it, but i'm at work right now.

40 days and 40 nights is hardly an accurate depiction of reality, neither are commercials which are designed to play on your desires...if you are using these examples to base your ideals on, then i think you need to rethink some of them.
19 years ago
what happens if they mate and create a superrace of geek women??

i for one welcome our new geekwomen overloads

(sorry for the shameless slashdot/simpsons joke ripoff)
19 years ago
evil or not, i learnt quite a bit from looking at the obsfucated code blocks...some of those were pure genius
19 years ago

'cos all the chemical filled beer in Australia is terrible tasteless rubbish

Adrian, have you dried any of the coopers range of beers?? preservative free, and quite tasty, at least to me

on the whole though, i agree that most australian beers are to full of chemicals...
19 years ago
i spent about 3-4 months looking for mine...i must have applied for about 60+ jobs.

i spent all that time honing my resume and interview skills, until i managed to get my current job.

since i didn't have to much experience (apart from a 1 year cooperative education placement), i highlighted my ability to pick up concepts quickly and friendly nature...luckily i got on with the person who interviewed me, as he is now my boss.

in australia at least, graduate recruitment is picking up again, and the positions are there if you're willing to work for them
19 years ago
the scjp is a entry level programming test aimed at making sure that the people who have gotten it, know the ins and outs of java, which i think it does a very good job of. With enough study and the right materials, any programming language can be picked up within a few weeks. there's only so much that they can test you on. I don't think they can make the test to much harder without having to ask stupid questions.

we all know that it takes more than simple knowledge of a langauge to make a good developer...and thankfully there are other certificates offered by sun that address this...personally i'm just wanting to get my scjp out of the way so i can move on to the other certs.

also, if you have a new programmer, with no experience, who can pick up enough in 2 weeks to pass these exams, i'd be watching and paying close attention them as they probably have a lot of talent and potential to be top developers.

Can you please clarify why this(line below) isn't printing?

System.out.println(" i = " + i + " : j = " + j);

Execution never enters the loop, since total > 30 fails straight away (total = 0).

Try it with total < 30.

I booked my exam yesterday and on the resulting order details (and in the email they sent me) it had a big fat N/A for the Exam Voucher Number and the Voucher Expiration Date.

I was hoping to do my exam this week, but it seems I'll have to wait for sun to fix my order up. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them?

Since i is final and cannot change once it has been assigned, the compiler is smart enough to know that it can safely fit within a byte. Without the final modifier, the compiler has no idea what i might end up as at runtime, hence casts are required.

is it guarantee that println in run() will execute before println in start()?

I'm not a 100% sure on this, but my guess is that it isn't guaranteed that run() will execute, as there are now two threads in the scheduler (main and thread 1). So run() may execute, or thread 1 may just sit in the runnable state until main finishes executing, it all depends on the schedular in the particular JVM you are running.

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