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Recent posts by Harish Tam

Yes, NotePad++ is very cool and free tool that you can use for java Development.
Have completed successfully Java OCJP/SCJP 6.0 Upgrade exam which i had taken.

Thank you to all...........
was reading a book it had a question like this

when //do stuff is reached how many objects are eligible for GC
and the answer is 2 c1 object and a short object in c1

my Question over here is as per the above code should c3 be also eligible for GC ?
Hello all,

I am using JDK 1.5 version on my machine, installed JRE is of java 1.5, using ant build.xml file
and Need to use java 1.6 to compile some files using the same ant build.xml (via ant build method)
I have not installed java 1.6 jre on my machine but just have a copied folder which has JDK 1.6.0_25, can we specify the java compiler and the jar files related to 1.6 , so that the files
can be compiled using java 1.6

10 years ago
Hello all,

I am having a local web running on jboss application server. and want to post this web link on my power point presentation
when i use http://localhost:8180/Web/ even tried with http://localhost:8180/Web
it goes to J_Security_check error, i have even tried this with my machine name and tried but the same result.
Here Web is my servlet mapping used in the web.xml

can anybody help me as to how to do this , i even tried inserting the same link in MS word but the same result. not sure if MS Office does something wired out here.

10 years ago

This are the topics covered that i have got with respect to OCJP 6

Language Enhancements

[ ] Use String in the switch statement

[ ] Use binary literals, numeric literals with underscores

[ ] Use try-with-resources

[ ] Use multi-catch in exception statements

[ ] Use the diamond operator with generic declarations

[ ] Use more precise rethrow in exceptions

Design Patterns

[ ] Design a class using the Singleton design pattern

[ ] Identify when and how to use composition to solve business problems

[ ] Write code to implement the DOA Pattern

[ ] Design a class that uses the Factory design pattern

[ ] Database Applications with JDBC

Describe the JDBC API

[ ] Identify the Java statements required to connect to a database using JDBC

[ ] Use the JDBC 4.1 RowSetProvider, RowSetFactory, and new RowSet interfaces

[ ] Use JDBC transactions

[ ] Use the proper JDBC API to submit queries and read results from the database.

[ ] Use JDBC PreparedStatement and CallableStatement


[ ] Identify potential threading problems

[ ] Use java.util.concurrent collections

[ ] Use atomic variables and locks

[ ] Use Executors and ThreadPools

[ ] Use the parallel Fork/Join framework


[ ] Describe the advantages of localizing an application

[ ] Define what a locale represents

[ ] Read and set the locale by using the Locale object

[ ] Build a resource bundle for each locale

[ ] Call a resource bundle from an application

[ ] Select a resource bundle based on locale

[ ] Format text for localization by using NumberFormat and DateFormat

Java File I/O (NIO.2)

[ ] Use the Path class to operate on file and directory paths

[ ] Use the Files class to check, delete, copy, or move a file or directory

[ ] Read and change file and directory attributes

[ ] Recursively access a directory tree

[ ] Find a file by using the PathMatcher class

[ ] Watch a directory for changes by using WatchService

please confirm the above topics or there are some others too, please confirm
Hello all,

I am planing to give the scjp 6 upgrade exam in near future.
can any body let me know some details about this exam such as
No of Questions in the Exams to answer
Passing Percentage (i.e how many of the above Question should be right to clear)
Is a paper or pad to be taken in the exam room

Thanks all

I have jdk means i had copied it from somewhere.

so just by mentioning the JAVA_HOME/bin path and start compile the java files cause this is what i am doing currently and I get some class wrong version compiled message.
what can i do to compile the java files in 1.6

11 years ago
Hello all,

i have a program which is using java 1.6 and have installed this program.
Do i also need to install jre 1.6 for this i have copied the jdk 1.6 files on my machine. and set it as JAVA_HOME in the environment variable.

Do i need jre 1.6 installed too and if i install the jre 1.6 will my programs working with jre 1.5 with work with no issues or it will conflict.

11 years ago
Thanks Paul

Looks like i should read the APIs carefully next time :-)

Thanks a bunch
i got this first part of the line "closest matches for given search targets" from the API docs is it cause of this

it returns the value as Two and not One

so in other case if there is a Question on this output in that case it can be either be One or Two

is there anything else to go with this or just the above part.

please clarify.

do point out if i am wrong in any case

I think the output should be
"navMapSimple pollFirstEntry Value :One "
instead of
"navMapSimple pollFirstEntry Value :Two "

cause the firstEntry is with key : 1
and value :One

i am not sure but this is the case. as per me. If i am wrong please try this code with java 6 compiler

check this line of the output

I this this is not valid ,it is One and not Two

Right ?

I have this program as follows

the output of the above is something like this

My Question is related to the behavior of NavigableMap . cause
if you check the output then you will notice that even when i polled first entry of the map it gave me invalid value,but the key was totally correct.
Can anybody puts some knowledge on this and try to explain me as to why this behavior and gave me the second entry value when i polled first entry in this case. And there is a null return in case of a simple get.

Hello All,

I am looking for some guidance on closing the browser window on session expire,
currently the code works for Single window only if session expires and i click on any link which will redirect to some page within the same browser then the browser window gets closed on session expire but my problem is say if i have a link which opens a pop-up window then the code get executed on the pop-up window and the pop-up gets closed but the parent window stays as it is. is there a way i can close also the parent window on click of the link.