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Originally posted by Luke Kolin:

Nice - posting a six year old article. I guess those older workers complaining about age discrimination really are stuck in the past and should be avoided.



It's the same story six years ago or six months ago.
15 years ago

You have ASP, have you looked at ASP.NET?

Do you a degree or other qualification?

Experience seems to be key to getting a job. What does everyone think of this person's chances of getting hired as a java developer?

I don't know which is better over the long term but my gut feeling is that it would be easier to get hired as an ASP.NET developer than a java one given your background.

I have passed SCJP 1.4. It felt like an insult to my intelligence. Anyone with a copy of K&Bs book could pass this whether they could program in java or not.
16 years ago
Indians Stealing Our Jobs?

Well we all know that they have WMD facilities situated in and around their major IT centres.
I say we go in there and bomb those areas to ground. It's worked before and it'll work again.
The threat does not end there. Don't forget China and Russia. Pakistan, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania e.t.c. e.t.c.
I say we sort them all out. If they don't cease these evil programmes they will feel our full wrath.

There is an even worse threat even here in our own lands.
You have all seen them strutting around our towns and cities as if they own the place.
Undercutting our rates and taking the food from our children's mouths.

Young people! Yes, young people!

Keeping their rates down by living with their parents and having no children of their own.

If you honestly want to still be programming in 20-30 years you know that the only solution is to wipe out any developer under 30!

But that is not all.

We need to make jobs last longer.

Get rid of these new fangled frameworks and IDEs.
Get back to the VI editor and command line compilers.

Destroy all documentation (if any). Make all code as unreadable as possible.

And don't forget monkeys using visual basic. Wipe out all the monkeys too!

Change is coming but we can resist it if we all stand together brothers and sisters.
16 years ago
To me, .Net seems much quicker and easier to develope with.
It seems to require less knowledge and experience to get things done.

Sounds like quicker cheaper developement to me.

But then... If it's all so easy how long are they going to need us.
16 years ago

The first project they had assigned me to ended up, after I reviewed all of the requirements, not requiring any work at all. I.e.: my "output" consisted of, "you don't need to do anything."

That "output" alone may have saved them more money than they were paying to cover your contract
16 years ago
I wish I had kept a copy of a program I once had to mod.

It had method names like 'snowfalling' and 'sunnyday'.

The programmer who wrote it was of course still a legend many years after leaving the company.
16 years ago
Hi Matt,

I wish you the very best of luck with your job search. I spent over year working as a security guard before I got my first programming gig.

SCJP will not get you a job on it's own, but it may help prevent your CV being binned on the first pass by the secretary.
We had over two hundred applications for two grad level programming jobs. The boss is not going to read all those.
He'll tell the secretary to get rid of anyone who does not have a 2:1. If there are still too many, get rid of anyone who does not have a cert.
Only if all those are no good will he go back and look at the 'discarded' pile.

$150 may sound like a lot of money right now and it will not get you a job but it may well help get an interview.

It is a long time since 2001. People need to know that you will be productive quickly.
That you are still familiar with the language. That you can still produce a good design. That you are familiar with popular tools.

We would usually pick a programmer with commercial experience over one with only source projects, but we would pick someone with open source over someone who has not been programming at all recently.

Have you built anything recently? Small app/web site for a local business? Database for Uncle Joe's hardware store? Kids/mobile game? Utility to screen scrape job sites?

Are you really a programmer or just a guy with a degree? We need to know that you are keeping your hand in and can still do it.

Good luck
16 years ago
I'd say that all answers are correct.

1. How can any one class override the same method more than once?

2. You can still overload a method in a sub class.

Mike, Strings are immutable...but that is not the point here.

As a java newb I think that this is an important point. Unless you understand that does not change that value of the string refered to by sName you will get the question wrong.

Is it true that before the assignment, sName and this.sName are both refering to the same string object?

When I were a lad we 'ad to implement us own string classes wi' nowt but a char array and a pointer. In fact we didn't even 'av real char arrays just a pointer to a bit of memory. I'll bet more than one String + operator returned the left hand operand with the right hand one appended to it. I bet most += operators did.