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Recent posts by Bilal Sallakh

Originally posted by agrah upadhyay:
what is this SCJP beta? Is it really free.If From here can i get?

It was a beta test (experimental) for SCJP for J2SE 5.0 before the regular one was released. It last for almost two month from Jan 2005 to March 2005. It was not free but discounted. I think Prometric sent a discount voucher for everybody how took the exam, then it decided to make it a free voucher. I've rreceived it (since I took the beta exam).

It's strange why didn't Barry receive the voucher. I suggest you look for it in Junk mail if you are using yahoo or sometimes Gmail. I received mine in the Junk folder!
Yes, the number of correct options in a multiple choice quesion are given.
You can read good details in the Java Ranch FAQs
Akshay, I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend.

Barry, thanks for your clarification

It's true that you can't use o.arr.length directly, but you can still know the size of the arry using ((Object[])(o.arr)).length
I think this is one of the benefits of the Hierarchy C2[] is Object[] is Object, rather than the hierarchy C2[] is Object.
But it can cause something called ArrayStoreException if the programmer is not careful enough. Java is good but it's not that good (Bruce Eckel 2002) . Yet, I find it the best

Originally posted by Akshay Kiran:
because C1 is public

to make this work, place C2 in another file in the same package and make it public

The fact that C1 is public has nothing to do with the question.

Kumar wanted to say: the code fails to compile at line 7 because C2 is inaccessible. Why didn't it fail to compile earlier a line 6 for the same reason?

Actually, that was the point I wanted to show
That is what I wante to share with you. There is a nice justification for it, and I wanted you to search for it

Originally posted by Karthik Rajashekaran:
hi Bilal

i didnot get what you are saying ?

I'm sorry if the question is not clear enough.

Just try to answer the question, or you can try to compile the code.

What exactly do you find unclear?

Originally posted by Barry Gaunt:
Are you sure there are no typos in your example?

Did you make up this question yourself? If no, what is the source of the question?

That's right Barry, thank you. I corrected the error.

There is no source for the question. I just came across this situation and found it a bit meaningful to share.
Hi ranchers,

I want to share something I found interesting.

In the following code

What is correct:

1- The code compiles successfully and print 3
2- Compile time error at line 6
3- Compile time error at line 7
4- Non of the above

Good luck!

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Passing score is not an indicator on the exam quality: High passing scores doesn't men that a passing examinee is very capable since low passing score (65 for example) means very few people get (80+ for example).
There are minimum requirements that if someone meet, Sun consider him adaquately capable for the published knowkedge.

CCNA passing score is approx 80+ and this doesn't mean it's harder than Java Programmer exam.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Jim Yingst:
[EFH]: Plenty of mutable classes implement equals() and hashCode() based on their changeable state -- all of the Collections classes, for example.

Yes, but most of those classes don't come in two flavors - mutable and immutable - they way String and StringBuffer do. Given that many classes need to be mutable for some applications, but not for others, it would be a bit of a pain to make mutable and immutable versions of all our classes.

That's exactly what I faild to mean by inherently. THanks Jim for clarifying
[ July 15, 2005: Message edited by: Bilal Sallakh ]
Two StringBuffers can't be considered equal even if they contain the same string since each is inherently vulenrable to change.
The Collection Framework, and other classes stated in the objectives
I think you can apply for the exam since Java 1.2 is the first version called Java 2
Good luck Wasim, hope we get high scores!
18 years ago
In the SCJP 5.0 Beta exam, the exam was over on 6 Mars an the passing/failing status came on 21 April.
18 years ago