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Recent posts by Jesus Angeles

Hi Guys,

I wish to get a job on this.  It is because it is getting common now.  It is also one of the few items I dont have in my resume.

My issue is that, most recruitment entertain only those with experience already.  

How do you approach this scenario?

As for me, I think Ill just negotiate aggressively during the job application.  I will provide the fact that because of the following, I am confident that I will be able to do the job:  Spring Certified Professional, Java 8 certified programmer, Spring Boot experience, Azure and AWS certified

I was looking for any Certification focused on microservices using Spring, but I cant find any.  (Yes the Spring Professional is heavy on Spring boot, and I have passed it this week, but it is not exactly focused on microservices at all)
3 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:I don't know anything about the quality of the lessons themselves, but the syllabus you posted looks like a good roadmap.

Thanks Bear.

What I did was choose the courses whose teacher and curriculum is good (e.g. I have taken one of his other courses).
Hi Guys,

Based on another forum thread (Good approach on mastering React js development?), I decided to study javascript (es*), and then react js and react native.

Would you mind, if you have time, let me know, if these courses I selected would suffice  (at Linked In Learning)?  (I do intend to do all the handson exercises on these courses; which is I believe, one of the most, if not the most important part of taking these courses.)

I will greatly appreciate your reply.

1.  Learning ECMAScript 6
2 hours total video
Learning Objectives:
What is ECMAScript?
Transpiling ECMAScript with Babel and Babel-node
Using the let and const keywords
Creating strings with template strings
Enhancing object literals
Working with ES6 classes and class inheritance

2.  React: ES6, ES2016, and Beyond
2 hours total
Learning Objectives:
Using const and let
Importing and exporting modules
Arrow functions
Destructing assignments
Arguments and template literals
Extended parameter handling with the spread operator
Generating custom styles
Classes, getters and setters

3.  React.js Essential Training
1.5 hours total
Learning Objectives:
Refactoring elements with JSX
Creating components
Adding component properties and methods
Displaying child components
Working with props and state
Conditional rendering

4.  Learning React Native
3 hours
Learning Objectives:
How React Native works
Running an iOS app
Debugging an app
Working with components
Creating style sheets
Preparing a color list and color info
Using the navigator
Fetching data

If you want to view these selections I did, you can look at my collection below (it may ask you to login to your Linked In account):
201911 target: mastery: react js and react native
while googling, i found this page, which helps in my question.

it is a map of what is 'must know', 'good to know', and 'possibilities'.  it has put bootstrap in 'good to know'.

Bear Bibeault wrote:React relies pretty heavily on advanced JavaScript knowledge; especially ES6. You can write React in ES5, but it's pretty wordy and cumbersome.

I'd recommend:

  • Bone up on JavaScript, ES6 in particular
  • Work through the React tutorial
  • Use create-react-app as a starter for your project -- it will set up all the way-too-complicated tooling needed to survive the modern JavaScript ecosystem
  • Don't let JSX intimidate you; it's actually a godsend
  • Practice, practice, practice...

  • Thanks.  I appreciate it greatly Bear.

    I was googling, and there is one course, which included Bootstrap, in addition to React Js, in become a react js developer.  I am hoping on your opinion on this, if it is actually a very essential part (in addition to your list above).

    Hi react experts,

    I know java web development (struts, spring mvc, jquery, html, css, not-so-deep on javascript, etc.)

    Any suggestion on steps to be proficient in react js? (and same question for react native)

    I will grearly appreciate it

    Tim Holloway wrote:Node definitely supports modules. Even a very simple Express app that I have is absolutely enormous because it has lots of modules supporting it. I'm sure that there's at least one good tutorial on how to design a Node module.

    Yes, it looks like it will be modules (e.g. 1 file per service, which is taken as a module), either by TypeScript or javascript modules.

    Tim Holloway wrote:....

    I am also coming from a Java background.

    We have everything like Spring and Hibernate to help us in development and having cleaner separation of concerns.  I am sure that such will come to the Node world too; actually it could be there already, I just dont know which or what they are.  It is a relatively young world.
    Hi Guys,

    Front end:  I think react should be isolated to front end stuff, like getting input, displaying output, making the ui easy to use.  This should not have business logic that are confidential or security-related stuff.

    Express:  I really not sure, but this sounds like counter-part of Spring Controllers.  So I am thinking of able to put some logic here, but heavy business logic, especially those related to reusable services like talking to databases, will be isolated in Node modules (simple separated javascript files, maybe 1 javascript file per service, e.g. 1 for LoginService, 1 for CustomerService, etc.).

    Node:  simply there to run the Express, and support the javascript modules (which would run on node, and called by Express controllers)

    React <--> Express controllers <--> Node services

    I have been looking at where to put the business logic, but can see definitive answers in web.  Probably there isnt.  But what are the best practices, and possibly any framework out there to 'force' us to do a better separation of these concerns?  

    I will greatly appreciate your sharing of your knowledge.


    Paul Anilprem wrote:

    Jesus Angeles wrote:Hi

    I already have the whizlab set.

    Any other that worked for you?

    Since no one has replied, may I suggest you to try Enthuware?

    Thank you for the reply.  The product seems to have great reviews.

    I already have the whizlab set.

    Any other that worked for you?
    Hi, anyone knows where, if any, we can get the book's accompanying source code?

    OCP Java SE 8 Programmer II Exam Guide (Exam 1Z0-809) 7th Edition
    by Kathy Sierra (Author), Bert Bates (Author), Elisabeth Robson (Author) "

    Cleo Junior wrote:Hi Jay McGavren! Congrats on your book!

    I'd like to know what the main advantages Go has in relation to other languages.

    Thanks & Regards,

    In addition to what Cleo asked, what are the limitations of what Go can do, if any? (e.g. java can do only what the jvm exposes)
    5 years ago