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This is some of my view to Dimitro's questions.
I don't mean to generalize, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I couldn't help but noticing it is mostly fellow ranchers from India that are concerned with immigration or moving to a new country in general looking for jobs and "saving" money.

Why European people didn't stay in Europe and try to prosper Europe instead of migrating to contries like Australia and Americas?.Migration is not something new.Its happening for centuries.Its always for better living standard.Not to offend anybody if you are an American you should have asked your parents the same question.
Is immigration a mind-set or a "goal in life" for young Indians (in IT or other fields)?
Why countries stop inviting migrant people?.Why is US still having an H1B program and why UK,Australia,Canada etc have skilled migrant programs?I think the questions will be better answered if you ask your local authorities why they allow migrant workers.Is there anything wrong in accepting such invitations and work for the improvement of that country.
India is 1.1 billion people country and I don't think more than .1 percentage of indians trying to migrate to other counties.So it will be utterly wrong to assume that all young indian thinks about migration.

Also please note that people from developed countries are also there in the same boat.Check out this link
15 years ago
Hi Ranchers,
I have 3 years and 6 months of experience in Java/J2EE.I started my career in a small firm.I got lots of exposure and I became an integral part of the product.I got a lot of visibility and responsibility.The work pressure was very high.It was normal to be working even after regular working hours.But I have enjoyed it because I had lots of friends there.
After serving 2 and half years there I decided to move on.The reason being the work was becoming monotonous.The work was not adding anything new to my skills.Also I wanted to get a brand name attached to my resume.

I joined one of the largest software MNC.The working hours is very flexible.I rarely had to work under pressure.But now I started to feel insecure.I feel I could take more challenges.Also I feel like I am one among the thousands.I am not getting responsibilities near to what I have enjoyed in my earlier company.
My doubts are, should I quit my current company and join a small firm? or Should I continue here?
Does any ranchers came through this situation?.What you did and how you rate your decision?

16 years ago
Thank you.
I had 3 years of experience working with ejbs. It took around 1 year for me to write the exam. The main reason was I couldn't completely focus on the certification due to project pressure.
Study Head First EJB. Then read ejb spec that will be realy helpful.

Try to take as many mock exams as possible.

Hi All,
I passed SCBCD 1.3 with 95%.Thanks to HFEJG ,JDISCUSS and ejbcertificate. A lot of thanks to the ranchers.

One reason could be for the same queue there might be some other consumers also. Make sure that only your MDB is receiving message from the queue.
It is not necessary for a stateful session bean to go to passivated state always. The container may never call ejbPassivate if it feels that the existing session beans in the pool are sufficient to handle the client requests.The container may call ejbPassivate if a request comes and it sees that all other beans are busy serving clients, and this bean is sitting idle for some time.In this case Container may think like lets passivate this bean and serve the current request using this bean.

The client needs to access the bean through the remote/local interface only.
Otherwise container cannot provide the beanness to the the bean (like transaction management, steteless session pooling etc.).When we call the remote/local inteface method , the container steps in and provides all these services.
And another reason is u cannot access bean class directly from a remote client.It does not implement java.rmi.Remote interface.

Hopes this clarifies ur doubt.
your assumption is correct.B is a wrong choice.
C-Required is not possible, it should be RequiresNew.
Ideally it should be copy of value.
But some server's do an optimization like if the call is from one remote bean to another remote bean and both beans are in the same JVM, hte container will automatically convert the remote call to a local call ( and passes argument as copy of reference). may some experts here can throw more lights on it.
Hi all,
How is Mphasis banglore?. What is the main business domain they are into?.What is the growth prospects in this company??.do they pay well??
17 years ago
Container will translate the ejb-ql statements to corresponding sql statement of the data base ur using.
Thank you Frederic for the replay.
But i still have doubts on it.The scenario can be like this:-
C was A's client, for A c is has initiated the tx and A will not be passivated before C commit's .

For B, A is client who has initiated the transaction and B will not be passivated befor A commit's.B don't know whether the call was from another bean or a java client.

isn't it???.
I think this will apply for session bean's with cmt also. For example Bean A's method funA (has tx attribute Required) is invoking funB(has tx attribute Required) in Bean B.Now even after executing funB it's transaction is not yet over.It has to commit or roll back(This depends on funA of Bean A).In this case i think Bean B will not be passivated.

Am i right???
Oops. It does return false. But why? In HFEJB, it is given that for two stateless session bean objects, isIdentical() would always return true, even if it comes from two different beans.!!!
--- isIdentical() will return true if the two beans comes from same home.
The reason is private methods will not be overriden.When u change the method signature to public/protected/package level , the method will get overriden by the say() method in the Director class.