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What is the value of a discontinued IBM exam? (e.g IBM 375 WPS 6.2 system administration is going to be replaced by WPS 7.0 in Sep 2010) What value will the 6.2 certificate hold over 7.0 certificate?

I am attempting the IBM 375 - Websphere Process Server Administration. I wanted to try out a sample exam, but failed to find one. Has anyone given the exam, please share your links on trails exams, and your experience.
Though I did take a long time in preparing for the exam, finally I am relieved that I passed 667 with 63%. I had worked on a SOA project with IBM solution stack that helped, tracing theory to practice. Preparing for the exam I gained a lot of knowledge, After OOPS I love SOA with all the complexity. I studied the following books, order in terms of importance for the exam.

1. SOA Compass - A must read and a good reference book for years.
2. SOA Redbook Case studies - Will get you used to the questions style of the exam. Also you gain a good know on IBM products.
3. - Good knowledge again, and important to understand the vocabulary, since some question will be based on them.
4. Various articles mentioned in SOA Compass and Developer works SOA site.
5. IBM PDF's from SOA cert yahoo group - read selectively.
6. Few Trial exams.
7. Executing SOA - Dry but recommended.
8. SOA Principles of SOA - Great Great book, I must say, I enjoyed reading it.
9 . SOA Foundations - Knowledge of IBM Products, plus these books, display where the rubber meets the road.
10. IBM Websphere Integration Primer - Knowledge of IBM Products, plus these books, display where the rubber meets the road.
11. Applied SOA - A great Read, the title means it.

Knowledge of IBM products is a must. This is a long list of study for just 63%, but I gained a lot lot by reading them, honesty, also got confused, but finally pieces came together and I was able to demystify the concepts to a level. The quest for knowledge still continues. You need not read so much for the exam. I want knowledge and a new Job, hence I read so much. Preparation time depends on you, I suck at giving exams and I am embarrassed to tell how much time I took. But finally you need applicable knowledge and, not do chamatkar like chattur.

Is there a open source library for checking sql injection and cross side scripting. We have written a small component as a web filter which checks for sql injection and cross scripting but its very basic, it checks for % and ' and etc similary for cross side scripting. Is there any library which can validate user input? Also where can i read more about preventing sql injection and cross side scripting, i have gone through articles.

16 years ago
Hi Jeanne,

"2) Local ejb contains no knowledge about resource being used."
You can accomplish this one by using a factory regardless of the rest of the design.

We have a factory which gives the connection, we wanted the ejb's to not have any knowledge about the resource begin used

"1) Opening less connection hence consuming less resource."
Are you using connection pooling? This greatly lowers the expense of opening connections. You do still have to remember to close them of course.

Yes we do use, now we are considering using read only connection pools for performance.

"2) For the sake of optimization even the DAO are make singleton and the
getInstance() method synchronized. "
This sounds like writing your own connection pool. The app server will do a much better and more efficient job at it than you will.
This approach is opted hence only one instance of the DAO will remain in app server.


Also want one clarification.

If the transaction type is requires or requires new then will the transaction manager use one connection even if multiple getconnection() and closeconnection() are called with in that transaction.
Hi All,

JTS maintains trasaction in EJB server i wanted to know the relationship of Transaction and connection(resource) while rollback.

Scenario : If a business scenario fails the transaction gets rolledback.

Conisder this code.

---------generatePolicy() // remote where the transaction starts.
-------------generatePolicy() // local EJB
------------------ generatePolicy() // DAO opens and closes connection.
------------------ generateFollowUp() // DAO opens and closes connection.
------------------ updateProspect() // DAO opens and cloese connection.

if the updateProspect() method fails the transaction should get rolledback, but if the connection is closed and returned to the pool in the previous methods, will the JTS require that specific connection to rollback
the operation carried out on that connection.
Hi all,

Wanted to know your view on the following.

Discussion area :

Currently in our project we have jdbc transaction maintained by the container. Layers used are Remote Bean (facade) > Local bean > DAO. No BMP or CMP involved. In one module we have JDBC connection opened and closed in the DAO, method by method basis some thing like this.

updateProduct() //remote bean where the transaction starts
updateProduct()// local bean where the much of the work takes place.
updateProspect() // dao
createProduct() // dao
updatePremium() // dao
createTax() // dao
createPremium() // dao

All the above DAO methods who open and close jdbc connection within themselves. These are now tried and tested they work in transaction as a unit.


1) No need to open connection and pass it as a parameter to the each method. makes the code clean.
2) Local ejb contains no knowledge about resource being used.
3) When multiple database is used ejb business methods need not worry which db (connection it is wrorking) just performs the task defined in it.

There are one set of developers who pass connection into methods for

1) Opening less connection hence consuming less resource.

Limitaion - ejb has to worry about what and which database connection is

2) For the sake of optimization even the DAO are make singleton and the
getInsatnce() method syncronized.

Limitaion - Over optimization, DAO object get garbage collected quickly.

In this forms of usage what do you see as bad practice please comment?
This is a design as well as ejb issue i would like to know your views.
Hi all,
Is there a way to validation a DOM docuement which i created in memory(on loaded from a file) and validate is against a DTD. I am using the
"SYSTEM" in DOCTYPE which point to a directory containing a DTD.
I think ur TestArray class in not in the classpath ie ur classes dir is not in the classpath tags only jar files can be seen, better of using <path id="class.path"></path> and use as refid in classpath tag.
18 years ago
There are two implementation of xmlbeans
1) - apache
2) - BEA
Is there any diffrence between these two implmentation, are they confirming to any standards.
Does DisplayTag tag lib allow a html control as a table column, the requriment is generally like
1) A search page for looking up records in DB.
2) Matched results are displayed on each row with a radio button or checkbox, selecting which will take the id of the control to the request parameter to be featched on the server side.
Is this possible in Displaytag which seems to be normal used in list pages.
18 years ago
do u have any package declared, try giving the pull package name + class name.
18 years ago