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Recent posts by bhuvan sundar

Hi Ranchers,

Is it possible to have a put and delete implementation in InvokerServlet?

15 years ago
Hint needed for level 13 with the inverted word gurobbx....
17 years ago
Thank you Joe...
17 years ago

Posted by Amar Sinha:
I had already started mailing resume to some consultant.

Hi Amar,

Can you please give me the list of consultants you have posted your resume to? I'm also in a plan of applying for H1 and in need of information on the consultants list. It would be of great help if you can provide.

17 years ago
Hi friends

What is weblogic workflow? I've weblogic 8.1 installed. My next assignment needs me to work on this. Any help will be appreciated.

17 years ago

Posted by Pingkan

just give java Template
17 years ago
Well..this worked out..but, now, the class files are placed in a directory called hello within hello folder. So, when i try to run the class as
C:\>java HelloImpl,
I get the error
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError : HelloImpl

But when I run as

C:\>java hello.HelloImpl

I get the output. How to avoid this?
17 years ago
Tried that too..Still getting the same error :-(
17 years ago

Posted by Saif Uddin
make sure your interface and class file are in the same folder before compilation

They are in C drive. The same code when run in Eclipse works fine. I've problem only when i use command prompt.

Does this have anything to do with classpath? The interface file is compiled and package is created without any problem. When I try to compile the implementation file, I get the error.
[ November 17, 2006: Message edited by: bhuvan sundar ]
17 years ago

Please help me in solving the following:

I compile these java files using javac -d .
C:\>javac -d .
No error
C:\>javac -d . resolve symbol
symbol : class HelloIF
location: package hello
public class HelloImpl implements HelloIF

1 error

17 years ago

Hooray!! My 100th post!!!
17 years ago
Let me post 2 more so that i'll reach my 100th post :-)

17 years ago