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Soni Prasad

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Recent posts by Soni Prasad

Hello All,
In my jsp on click of a button I want to popup a new(child) window to get inputs. Other then some input fields the new window will have a submit button which should submit all the inputs to the original(parent) window. How can I provide a submit button in new(child) window which will submit values to the original(parent) window and how can I refer those input values in the original(parent) window. Please help me with some example.

I am very new to JSF and want to learn it, Please tell me some good book on JSF.

17 years ago
Is this use of c ut is wrong?

I an getting this exception:

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /requestJsp.jsp(13,0) According to TLD or attribute directive in tag file, attribute value does not accept any expressions

Thanks alot for all your wishes and support...

18 years ago
Today I passed SCBCD with 97%, Thanx to all of you for all you reponses and thanx to Kathy, Bert for the great book and to Mikalai for his great notes.

18 years ago

when one try to login, i.e. create a new HttpSessioin we just invalidate all existing sessions storing the same username.

Thanks alot for your reply... Now can you please tell me how to get all the existing sessions and invalidate them on creation of a new session. I am using FORM based authentication in JAAS and using jboss4.0.0.

How can I expire previous session on some terminal while same person is logging in from another terminal. I mean if somebody is loggedin on a site from some terminal and then he tries to login from another terminal, I want to invalidate his old login session with some message on that terminal, so that at a time he can have only one active session. How can I?

thanx in advance,
[ September 29, 2005: Message edited by: Soni Prasad ]
With CMP, the primary key for an entity bean may be automatically generated by the container if the entity bean meets certain requirements. Which of the following is true.

In the deployment descriptor, the primary key class must be defined as a java.lang.Object. The primary key field must not specified.

In the home interface, the argument of the findByPrimaryKey method must be a java.lang.Object.

In the entity bean class, the return type of the ejbCreate method must be a java.lang.Object.

All of the above are requirements.

None of the above are requirements.

I though the answer is E but its D, I think container can not automatically generate a primary key.

Please help...

Hi Adri,
I agree with your thinking as I also think that if an EJB throws a system exception container will catch it and throw the RemoteException or EJBException which the client will recieve, now if the client itself is an EJB it will also rethrow as it may not be catching it so this recieving EJB should also be removed by the container as it is throwing a system exception and its transaction should be rolled back.

[ September 21, 2005: Message edited by: Soni Prasad ]
go through specs it is written there clearly, right now I unable to recall the page number...
It is the container's responsibility to provide you EJBObject from EJBContext so that only cast should be needed.
Hello guys,
I am always quite confused in the question related to different EJB role reponsibilities, because at so many places in the specs it is written that if this work is not done by application assembler then it will be done by deployer. I always get confused that is there any clear cut demarcation that this work is to be done by application assembler and this to be done by deployer or system adminstrator. What should I do? Please suggest...

But according to specifications:
"An enterprise Bean must not use read/write static fields. Using read-only static fields is allowed. Therefore, it is recommended that all static fields in the enterprise bean class be declared as final."

Then how can one use class variables(Static variables) in EJBs. Am I confused
I am trying to use ejbSelect method but I am getting NullPointerException can anybody please see the code and exception below and guide me

This is a part of code from my bean class

and ejb-ql in ejb-jar.xml is

and this the part of exception

I am using jboss4.0.0. What could be the reason?
Please help me out...
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