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Recent posts by SandeepChicago Saini

Bert Bates & Kathy Sierra,

I would like opplogize and I will make sure that this will not happend in the future.

By the way, I am enjoying reading your Head First EJB Book It's great book

19 years ago
Hi Shopana,

I am trying to compile the first example of HFEJB using the comandline. But I am not able to create the class files for,,

Please guide me the I am desperatly banging my head for this example since last three days
Hi Shopana,

Thanks a lot for your help...You are lifesaver.

I have mock exam for the ejb certification you can email me.

My email address is

Hopefully we would keep in touch.
I have Ibm websphere 5.1. So it complient with j2ee 1.3
Hi, Shopana

Thanks a lot for the link I am able to install j2ee 1.3 but what go is it if i am not able to use it.

Could please send me the link to download the Application server. I have download the lastest one for j2ee 1.4 and that's working fine can I use that? Also I have IBM websphere which is alos j2ee 1.4 can i use that?

Please let me know.
I am getting the exact error in my pc I have Windows XP Home Edition. However, I am able to install j2ee 1.4.

Any sugesstions...
May be I have windows xp home edition it does not support j2ee 1.3. Please help me.
I also facing the exact problem not able install j2ee 1.3 in windows xp (Home edition).

Desperate call for help from ranchers

I am trying to install j2se 1.3 in windows xp home eidtion. Which is required by HFEJB but not my O.S. does not support j2se 1.3 and j2ee 1.3

Also, please tell me if the exam requires you to practice the code in 1.3 or is it ok to install 1.4 and do practice of ejb's.

Lastly, I also have WSAD (Websphere application developer) from IBM, wonder can i do coding for ejb in it.
Barry Gaunt,

I am helping out the friends who don't have the book.
19 years ago
Hi Deshdeep,

My email address is

Just email me and I will send you pdf files for K&B.
19 years ago
Today I Aced the SCJP1.4 with the score of 81%

The exam was very tricky but I worked hard to prepare.
1. Read K&B twice cover by cover.
2. Took the self test twice.
3. Took the mock exam from Marcus Green's site.
4. Took other mock exam from [ site that distributes copyrighted material ]
5. Before giving the exam, I took the self-test from K&B.
6. Finally, read all the exam watchs and self-test from K&B.

Kath if you are reading this I have to thank to million times because you have developed the best certification book in the whole world. Because I have given the A+ certification exam and prepared from Mickeal Mayers book but it's not the effective.

Bottom line you are the best java instructor in the whole world
Sucess is sweet after Failure!!!

I have to ask you where were you in the year 2000 when I failed SCJP 1.2 exam.
I wish I was able to read the book like K&B at that time but I read ordinay in effective and in efficient book for certification at that time.

Kathy you are very passionate instructor and I have learned a lot about Java language from you book.
Now I am runninig out of words to describe how good is K&B.

Kath you are the best.
[ January 05, 2008: Message edited by: Ulf Dittmer ]
19 years ago