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Congrats and thanks for sharing your experience with us...

Good luck with your SCDJWS
14 years ago
Thanks for the replies.

This is the requirement,I want the webapplication to generate its path along with context and port and report it to an another admin application (the reporting is done through xml over http) . The admin module stores this info in the db.

I have a singleton that I initialize when the context is created and starts a thread to communicate with the admin app, this thread carries the report to the admin app which among other things tells the full path. So I was looking to add this path generating feature to that singleton.

On looking at the servlet api I too concluded that the request is needed to get the port but I wanted to make sure I am not missing something obvious.
14 years ago
How do you get the full URL of a webapp?

For example if the webapp is on a server with ip
on port 8080 and the context path is /somewebapp
then I want an output string

Is there a way to do this at startup(as opposed to using a ServletRequest)?

I can get the ip address by using

I am stumped about the rest, any ideas?

Thanks in advance
14 years ago

I am sure there is a way to check about one's certification status ,otherwise anyone can claim they are certified
16 years ago
Follow this link

Dont lose heart. You have put in all the hard work so you dont have to start afresh, just look at the section scores , that must tell you where you need to focus.Focus on thse specific areas,test yourself with mocks.

Try to treat the exam casually next time,I am sure you will crack it.

Good luck
16 years ago
Thanks Mikalai
16 years ago
Wise and Sachin thank you
16 years ago
Hi all,

I passed SCJP 1.4 with 85% . I would like to thank this great forum.I did not ask/post much but I have been searching for answers here when I run into something. Keep the good thing going guys. I have come often to this results forum looking for inspiration and advice,I have always found it in super sized doses.

I learnt more about Java preparing for this exam than I did during my masters in cs or my silicon valley job.It was humbling to know how much I did not know. I am glad I took the decision to get certified and the learning experience was wonderful.

I have the Just Java Book 5th ed by Van der Linden which I always use as my reference

For the exam I used the Java Study Guide by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates.(You would think study guides were serious tomes!!!).It feels like I am preaching to the choir but what the heck--It was a great book!!!

One piece of advice ,get to the test center ahead of appointed time , I am counting myself lucky that I did(it is so unlike me to do so) .I reached my center in Sacramento one hour ahead of time , only to find them grappling with a virus problem(but it did not affect me or get to me).You do not need any additional stress when you take the exam.

16 years ago
Swathi got it right,thats the correct explanation

RunTimeException is generated , we are already in catch so execution goes to finally ,where "Peace" gets returned.

Welcome to Javaranch.

If the compiler says so I would'nt doubt the compiler(as long as you just copy pasted the code)

It is more useful to figure out why that's happening than doubting the compiler

Just my 2 cents

The access modifier is not made more restrictive. Default access is more restrictive than Protected .The code is fine on that count

Default-- Access Only from same package as parent
Protected --Access Only from same package as parent + Member Inheritance allowed in child no matter what package child is in.

So as discussed above only the Exception overriding is wrong.
Veronica char is a primitive type but char[] is an array of characters so it is a reference type .An array of primitives is an object,what it contains is primitives.
Scenario :

Which primitive type would be best to represent a single multiple choice question on a test, with more than one answer allowed?

Solution: char[]

But char[] is not a primitive type but a reference type right??

[ February 07, 2006: Message edited by: Raghu Kumar ]
[ February 07, 2006: Message edited by: Raghu Kumar ]

Well done ,so what's next?? SCJD or SCWCD
16 years ago