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Hey there!
After adding insertable, updatable attributes to JoinColumn annotation, it resolved the problem.
Thank you, you guys are awesome!
I'm also having this problem.
And when I try to add these attributes to the JoinColumn annotation in my JPA POJO, I get error that these are not valid attributes of JoinColumn annotation.
I'm going to try the insertable, and updatable attributes and see if that helps.
Mean while if anyone has any pointers, please share.
No replies?

Hellllo... people.. where are you? Any help please?

I found some more stuff here:

But I am still looking out for good stuff from you guys..

Please help if you can! Thanks!
14 years ago

My employer needs to assign me to a project which requires me to have fair understanding of retail domain. Although I have worked on a couple retail projects over last 3-4 years but I mostly took technical roles and now I realize that I should have increased functional knowledge and should have become "retail" person at least, if not the expert.

Does anyone knows any link where I can get retail domain questions, forums or tutorials. I know a link which has some nice presentations though. Here is the link:

Please share if someone has more resources for this.

14 years ago
Sorry for responding late to old post! I just wanted to reply if Sunil still needs this information.


If you are still looking for oracle certification guidance, please refer this post:

14 years ago
Hi Friends!

Is anyone aware of any exam simulator for oracle certification (IZ0-007 and IZ0-147) exams? I found one at: but I feel it's not worth $60! Does anyone know any cheaper one?

Thanks for help in advance!
14 years ago
Hi Sam!

You can get lots of question/answer dumps at:

All the best!
[ March 28, 2007: Message edited by: Anand Wadhwani ]
14 years ago
Fortunately we were able to solve the problem. We were having this problem on AS400 server and on local PC(WSAD) environment as well.

To resolve on AS400 all we needed is to put the jars under JRE's ext directory: /qibm/ProdData/Java400/jdk13/lib/ext

The problem on local PC in WSAD environment was that JCE license had expired, here are the steps to resolve:

$JAVA_HOME = C:\Program Files\Application Developer\v5.1\runtimes\base_v5\java

1. Go to $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security directory --- You should find the file Edit the file to add the following line to the list of providers:


The new list looks like this:

# List of providers and their preference orders (see above):

This adds the provider SunJCE to the list of providers.

2. Copy the following files to jre/lib/ext directory:


3. Additional thing you might want to do is to add following line (as last permission in grant block) in "java.policy" file under $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security folder:

permission javax.crypto.CryptoAllPermission;

4. Close all WSAD instances
5. Create a folder �update� in C:\Program Files\IBM\Application Developer\v5.1\runtimes\base_v5
6. Download the �� file from
Take the file from CVS location �\VSA\Construction\Components\Blowfish�
7. Extract this zip file to �update� directory.
8. Open Command Directory
9. Change the directory location to C:\Program Files\IBM\Application Developer\v5.1\runtimes\base_v5\bin
10. Run setupCmdLine.bat. This is used for setting up the environment.
11. In the same command prompt, change the directory to C:\Program Files\IBM\Application Developer\v5.1\runtimes\base_v5\update
12. Run updateWizard.bat
13. WSAD application installer will pop up in sometime (2-3 Minutes)
14. Select language as English
15. If the installation package is not shown, check the box and manually enter �C:\Program Files\IBM\Application Developer\v5.1\runtimes\base_v5� Do not use Browse.
16. Choose Option �Install Fix Packs� and click Next
17. Check the Fix directory. It should point to �C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere Studio\Application Developer\v5.1\runtimes\base_v5\update\fixpacks� and click next.
18. Select Fix pack to install and you are done. It will take about 5-10 minutes to update the files. Once it is done, start the WSAD and the server.
14 years ago
Did anybody find solution to this problem? I am having same problem. Please help!

14 years ago

I get following exception while getting instance of cipher:

java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError: java.lang.SecurityException: Cannot set up certs for trusted CAs:
at javax.crypto.SunJCE_b.<clinit>(DashoA6275)
at javax.crypto.Cipher.a(DashoA6275)
at javax.crypto.Cipher.getInstance(DashoA6275)
at EncryptionDecryptionUtil.encryptData(

I am running this code under tomcat/jdk 1.2.2 environment. I am using SunJCE provider (jce_1_2_2.jar and sunjce_provider.jar) on the classpath.

For above problem I have tried following things:

1. Updated local JDK 1.2 policy file to grant javax.crypto.CryptoAllPermission permission
2. Tried Security.addProvider / Security.insertProviderAt
//Security.addProvider(new com.sun.crypto.provider.SunJCE());
Security.insertProviderAt(new com.sun.crypto.provider.SunJCE(), 2);

But problem remains same.

Thanks for help!
15 years ago
Hi Rancher Friends!

Please bear with my limited/almost-zero knowledge of XML parsers world.

I have very basic question; where do I find glossary of XML Jars meaning? There are so many jars around that I am totolly confused which one to use in which environment (JDK 1.2; JDK 1.3; JDK 1.4)

My code runs good from WSAD using following jars:

1. xerces.jar
2. j2ee.jar
3. lwc-ext.jar
4. xml4j.jar

but breaks in production environment with NoClassDefFoundError.

In production environment (JDK 1.2) I have following jars:

1. xerces.jar
2. parser.jar
3. jaxp.jar

In another production environment (JDK 1.4) I have following jars:

1. xerces311.jar
2. xmlapis.jar

I really need to understand the basic concepts; specially which jar is used for what purpose.

THANKS A TON in advance for all the help!
Hey Guys,

I have got missing pages (from 350 to 370) from the HF-EJB book? Does anyone know if by any chance oft copy of missing pages could be found somewhere on internet? I really dont want to go ahead in book without having to read those pages and neither do I want to purhase another copy!

I could get a few from, but not all.

Please help!

Thanks much.
In my opinion, anything used in a client code that does not returns exact business component/home interface classes (e.g. Advice / AdviceHome) that would need cast & narrow. Any wrapped object type (Object, EJBObect, EJBHome) came from server are not IIOP-compliant and need cast & narrow.

Therefore it would be needed in your example as well.
Hey guys,

Got a doubt about a line in HF-EJB book, pg #196

It says: You can't make a JDBC call on connection reference. You can use your connection in ejbCreate()

I checked both confirmed / unconfirmed errata as well, didn't get anything.

Or may be I am confused and not interpretting things correctly. If I can get connection objectinside ejbCreate(), why can't I use it for a JDBC call? It all makes sense. Why can't I initialize some instance variable from database inside ejbCreate() and use it repeatly in different business methods of a stateful bean?

TIA for all the help!
Hey Sanneel,

Posting here itself is a great start !

Keep reading other people posts here, reply them as and when you get time. Post your problems here without thinking twice. Head First EJB is a greatest book to go.... Once you complete the book regligiously.. proceed with mock exams on net, and then give final mock exam of the HF-EJB book and you are good to go for real exam... believe me you could achieve 98-100% score!!! It's as easy as you read it.

Dont ever relate two things: Study and Profession, even though these are related. Give your best whatever you do, be it study or job, and of course rancher friends are always with you. You know.. there is a forum in saloon home page for jobs-discussion as well!

Man.. nobody can really motivate you but you to yourself. There is a saying.. Well begun is half done! Just stop thinking too much, and start study aggresively and passionately and you would love it.