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Ulf Dittmer

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Recent posts by Ulf Dittmer

JForum 2.6.2 has been released, which addresses two issues:

  • It installs and runs on the HSQLDB database.
  • Fixes a bug that prevents the window showing all smilies to pop up when writing a post.

  • All users can safely upgrade, but if you aren't using HSQLDB, or haven't run into the bug, it may not be worth the effort.
    2 months ago
    JForum 2.6.1 has been released, which addresses two issues:

  • It installs and runs on the Jetty servlet container.
  • It fixes a bug where deleting posts would cause the corresponding entry in the Moderation Log to be illegible, and break the page layout.

  • All users can safely upgrade, but if you aren't using Jetty, or haven't run into the moderation log issue, it may not be worth the effort.
    2 months ago
    The JForum team has just released JForum 2.6.0, which has a number of new improvements as well as 15 months worth of security and bug fixes. The gist of what's new can be found below, and the full list is at The download is here. We welcome questions and suggestions at (naturally hosted on JForum :-)

  • A Java 8 JVM is now required instead of a Java 7 JVM
  • The mobile version has seen lots of love
  • Various localizations have been improved, particularly English, German, Italian and Spanish
  • A number of XSS vulnerabilities have been addressed
  • Relative timestamps like on GitHub or Facebook are optionally available
  • Sharing of pages got improved so it no longer uses an external service
  • ... lots more
  • 4 months ago
    The JForum2 software has been localized for a number of languages, but unfortunately some of those localizations are rather out of date - new features have been added, and for those only a few translations are available. Some languages are in good shape, but the others are in need of volunteers that can look through what's missing and help us out with translations. For more information, please head over to the JForum2 support forums. Thanks!
    11 months ago
    Since this thread is getting a bunch of extra attention, maybe I should say a bit about what JForum is. It's an open source Java web app for hosting public (or private) discussion forums. It works with the common SQL databases, and has a number of advanced features such as fine-grained permission and access control, thread bookmarks and thread and forum watching, powerful search, and numerous configurations for fine-tuning its behavior. In my opinion (biased, as I'm one of the committers to JForum) it's the best Java-based discussion software.
    1 year ago
    The JForum team has just released JForum 2.5.0, which has a number of new features (including mobile-friendly views of a number of pages) and numerous other improvements and bug fixes. A full list of what's changed can be found at, and the download is at We welcome questions and suggestions at (naturally hosted on JForum :-)
    1 year ago
    As a follow-up: the newly released JForum 2.5.0 has mobile-friendly views of a number of pages. Not exactly responsive, but better than nothing :-)
    1 year ago
    I have just checked in a fix for this, so it's available to anyone building JForum from source, and it will be part of the next regular release.

    I think this topic can remain, if for no other reason than to remind people that the 2.1.9 version is not safe, and that they should switch to 2.4.1 at the least.
    2 years ago
    Please send me a "Purple Mooseage" (a.k.a. a private message) with the details and preferably your email - I'm one of the committers of JForum2.
    2 years ago
    Thanks for trying to debug the registration process, Tim. I'm not sure what's going on, maybe the captcha was acting up - did that get displayed for you, Mike?

    Mike, I've sent you a message with contact information for the two principal developers (one of which would be me).

    2 years ago
    This looks similar to the already lengthy discussion at; maybe you can join in there?
    2 years ago
    JForum currently has no mobile (or responsive) version, and nothing to that effect is in the works (I'm a committer to the project, so I should know :-). If you want to start a discussion about this, head over to where JForum2 is discussed and supported.
    3 years ago
    That should be sufficient. While you're at it, you should also expand the jforum_privmsgs.privmsgs_ip field (which stores the IP address for private messages). While that is not currently being filled in, it will be soon.
    3 years ago
    You can check out JForum2, one of the more popular open source Java-based forum web apps (disclaimer: I'm a committer, so obviously biased). You can see it in action at; that should give you some ideas what you might want or need.
    3 years ago
    The first thing to do is to switch to the latest JForum2 version, which you can find at Drop the war file into your servlet container, and proceed from there.
    3 years ago