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Recent posts by A Flatoff

Sounds like good advice. We usually try to solve that problem by asking probing questions in meetings. It does seem like shadowing for a while and observing the as-is directly would be the most accurate way to understand their processes.
8 years ago
My users frequently like to provide functional specification without any kind of background on why the require features.

For example (for a document management implementation):

- provide ability for graphical annotations on documents (e.g. sticky notes)
- allow for redaction on documents
- provide employee status information (active / terminated) along with employee documents
- allow viewing employee documents by employee VP or location
- color code documents by category

They basically provide their vision for design and functionality for the application but don't provide information on why they are requesting functionality. If the programming teams were to implement the functionality exactly as specified, the customer might be happy (or maybe not due to inaccurate communication or interpretation of functional requirement. The bigger problem is that there may be easier / better way to solve the user's business problem, but because the business problem is unknown, the better solution may not be realized.
8 years ago

Do you have any tips for dealing with customers who prefer to dictate functional specification rather than explore business needs?

I'm in an environment where we are doing development for internal consumption, rather than for outside (paying) customers, not that this would necessarily impact the strategy.

8 years ago

We are currently working on converting from HornetQ to RabbitMQ. One of the snags we ran into is regarding message filters for subscriptions.

In HornetQ, we were able to filter on headers with a null value. We were also able to filter on headers with a "not equal to" value. In RabbitMQ we are finding we are unable to do either of these things.

For example, on a single queue we might have a million messages come in on a single day. Half the messages have a header populated like "myVariable=X", the other half do not have the "myVariable" header at all.

In HornetQ land, we were able to set up a subscription to the tune of "give me messages where myVariable is NULL, or myVariable doesn't exist". This way, we only read the half million messages we care about.

In RabbitMQ we can do no such thing. Our best alternative is to read all 1 million messages and discard those which do not have "myVariable".

We looked into other options like having the other messages populated with a variable that we could do a positive check on, but this is not feasible.

Any other ideas or ways we can get around this limitation in Rabbit MQ?

I checked bookpool and amazon. Couldn't find the book. Where can it be purchased?

Also is there any table of contents and a sample chapter that we can view? If not i'd recommend using Amazon's "search inside" feature.

I think I had a different problem from what you were interpreting.

I solved it by doing the following:

Right click on Project -> Properties

Java Build Path -> Add Library -> JRE System Library.

I was missing the definition of the JRE System Library from my project.
Using eclipse, I checked out a project (a web project) from CVS.

The project that was checked in to CVS was done on a computer that was set up with a different compiler version.

So - my basic Java classes are not found and my code doesn't compile (things like java.util.ArrayList and such)

I have Java 1.6 installed and the computer which checked the project in had java 1.5.

Question: How can I add my java 6 compiler to my project so my code can compile - OR - can I even use Java 1.6? i'm using eclipse Europa.

I'm actually setting up a new app with Commons Email to send multiple email attachments. I have to figure out all my version dependencies and stuff.

J2EE level / Commons Email level, etc.

Right now I apparently have an invalid combination.
16 years ago
Anyone know what's up with the characters toward the end of this line:

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: javax.mail.internet.MimeMultipart.addBodyPart(Ljavax/mail/BodyPart;I)V

"L" ";I" and "V" seem out of place here. I bet they mean something just don't know what. Like V might mean void return type . . .
16 years ago
I like Apache Commons Email.
16 years ago
I've been wondering how to do something like this for a while . . .

Lets say you have a program that polls a directory that has files to "process" (lets say, pick up a file, parse it and do something with it. Doesn't matter really)

There could be a large number of files there to process. Each file takes a bit of work to do so processing them single-threaded could take too long.

Each file to process takes a fairly significant amount of work and there could be many files - So you wouldn't want to go ahead and create one thread for each file there. You could end up with Hundreds of threads all doing lots of work, possibly run out of memory or bring everything to a grinding halt.

Ultimately, you'd want to have some kind of limit for a maximum number of files you want to process simultaneously. Lets say you had a properties file or something for your program where you could set the MaxThreads to be 5 or 10 or whatever seemed appropriate.

What would be a good strategy to use to develop a "Thread Controller" of sorts that would respect the Max Threads and would spawn that number of threads maximum? Then when one of the threads dies it can go ahead and spawn a new one until all the work is done.
I've found that when I create a Java batch application and Jar it up as an executable jar (Main-class indicated in manifest, run with "java -jar")

That my external dependant Jar files are never found unless I add them to the class-path in the executable Jar's manifest file.

I always get ClassNoDefFound errors if I try to define the class in any of the following ways:

- System environment variable "CLASSPATH"
- java -classpath parameter

I am wondering if there is something special about executable JAR files where you are required to specify your classpath inside of the manifest only or what else might be going on here.
17 years ago
Hi Head First people - here's why I chose B.

I'm looking through the posts here and a lot of people say "I think I could learn from this person because . . ." Well - maybe, but probably not. I think these people are models, not computer instructors.

Anyway - look at the covers of Head First Servlets & JSPs and Head First Design Patterns. Both have attractive girls on the cover. Though they are both great books, I bet that they sold more copies than they normally would have by putting attractive girls on the cover.

Girl F in Green is cute but in my humble opinion B takes the cake, and the cover.

Side note - I own the servlets book. The guy in the next cube over regularily covets the book and comments on what a great book it is (based on the cover). Then we get talking about it and we bring the "Design Patterns" book up on the 'net to look at the cover and compare the two.

B would bring some serious competition for the best Head First book cover.
18 years ago
Since when is it illegal to loan someone a book?
18 years ago
From looking into the table of contents of the book I can guess that you are targeting IT Project Managers for your market.

Would I, as a busy programmer spending lots of time learning new technologies, benefit more from reading this book - or would I be better off studying more about the programming languages and tools I use?