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Recent posts by Rafael Pereira

Certification can be only a paper, but if you manage to get these 10 "papers", of course no one could doubt that you have some knowledge.

For instance, LPIC-2 is much more difficult than LPIC-1, and requires a lot of experience and practicing to achieve. I can't talk about the others.
Thanks, Mikalai!

Your site is becoming a certification reference here in the brazilian forums (Java, IBM, etc).

Keep on with the good work!
It's really a shame we don't have a book covering the PL/SQL exam. At least not from Sybex.

I will study with the official PL/SQL course material. I did the Programming PL/SQL Units (PO9i) course last year.

You should try:

OCA: Oracle 10g Administration I Study Guide (Exam 1Z0-042)

by Chip Dawes, Bob Bryla, Joseph C. Johnson and Matthew Weishan
Sybex � 2005 (672 pages)

It has review questions with answers.

Hope it helps.
I will probably do only the OCA track (SQL + PL/SQL exams) and then go for the DBA 10g track.

I will be an "Oracle Certified PL/SQL Developer", don't need to put the 'OCA' in my resume. :-)

But seriously, what should Oracle do for the OCP Developer track? More PL/SQL?
Nice to know.

Thanks for the info, I should now go for the developer track!
I'm also looking forward this certification...

Unfortunately I don't have this information. For DBAs, the OCA 10g (1st level) covers almost all the topics of OCP 9g (2nd level), so, the OCP 10g (2nd level) is much more difficult.

I think the same will happen with Application Developer for 10g. I wish they could test us only on SQL, PL/SQL, and other database technologies for developers.
Hi, everybody.

I'm starting to study for the IBM Certified Enterprise Developer, but I noticed that the objectives are a little old.

Test 486 is based on V1 of UML.
Test 484 is based on J2EE V1.3
Test 287 is based on WebSphere V5.0

Will they update these exams?
More important: should I attempt to become an ICED now?
I will purchase both Sybex books (Oracle Exams 042 and 043), but can you point me some tips on becoming Oracle DBA Certified?

Where are the best sites, simulators, mocks, community groups, etc?

Thanks in advance!
Congratulations, a pass score is a pass!

My exam is TODAY. Thanks for the advice, I've already memorized all web-app tags, even that <ejb-ref> and <env-entry> ones!

One doubt I have about this exam is: "What title do you receive by achieving this certification"? Do we have a "IBM Cert. Solution Developer" certificate?
Enthuware is a decent simulator, very close to the real test (so everybody say). But these errors can be annoying.

You should report this to Enthuware, so they can improve the product in the next version.
Ok, you have a point.

It will be better for Sun, for newcomers, for the world, etc. For experienced and already certified Java programmers, not so much...

But I really liked when the things were simpler.

Oracle was just OCA, OCP and OCM.
Java was just Programmer, Developer and Architect.

Now if you achieve 10 certifications, they create 10 more. It will force everyone to get AT LEAST the first cert, or be doomed. All for the $$$.
I am not questioning if this SCJA exam is useful or not, but...

What is the purpose of doing it, if you are already a SCJP?

I think it's like walking backwards... Or achieving a bachelor degree after a PHD. You know what I mean...
This is really a question that depends on your objectives.
If you want to work in your contry, you must seek advice from people that know how the IT is there...

But if you want to work in another country (like USA or Europe), it's a good idea to learn its language, and the most used technologies (java, microsoft, oracle).

I'm from Brazil, there are a lot of competition here, certifications are one of the ways to boost our career.