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Recent posts by ab parashar

UAE is a racist place (not Dubai)

here is the order of preference by race:

1. Arabs
2. Palestinian arabs
3. Americans(white Americans))
4. Europeans(white Europeans)
5. Australians
6. Indians/Pakistanis
7. Dark looking Indians/Pakistanis/Sri lankans
8. East Asians/ philipinos etc.
17 years ago
Techspan has loads of onsite work...even in the down years of 2002-03 I got sent to the US
17 years ago
google for R2I club
17 years ago
It costs 1 lakh a month to rent a crappy 1 bed apartment in NY.....so you can sense the PPP.
18 years ago

Originally posted by KJ Reddy:

Depends on your location and person interest. If a person in India and more interested in onsite he prefers services company. This doesnt mean that only or all services companies will send onsite. If the person is not India onsite parameter wont come into his mind.

[ January 25, 2006: Message edited by: KJ Reddy ]

Long term onsite varies from 70k to 90k (and no indina salary) for indian companies and goes up very high for some very good "real" consulting companies.By "real" I mean the person is not just a contractor but a knowledge expert and these companies pay around....$60k per annum onsite + great indian salary + food + hotel +car +fuel.....no these are not your run of the mill indian service companies like Infy.
18 years ago

Originally posted by KJ Reddy:

I didnt understand how it makes difference. But to answer your query one of company I worked before, they went to my college, school, home town and to all my previous companies to enquire about me.

that sounds like Fidelity....
18 years ago

Originally posted by Ramesh Choudhary:
Have anybody applied for CAT.Iam planning to give it a try next year.But I cringe whenever I see the competition.

Is part time MBA worth the effort?

Or GMAT is a safer option when compared to CAT?

I fear of stagnation after 4-5 years in my career(with out an MBA degree).What's you opinion?

If you want to MBA or apply for CAT, why are you posting this on a Java Forum?
What stops you from going on a MBA forum? There are loads of programmers like you trying to ask questions on those forums.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Raveesh Ranjan:

Well, Lehman Brothers are basically into global investment banking. Ask anyone pursuing or wanting to pursue an MBA in finance...Lehman Brothers will surely be among his/her dream companies!!!

They hire only from top-notch B-school campuses like the IIMs (A, B, C only) & offer tremendous job profiles coupled with astonishingly high paychecks...& one must consider oneself terribly lucky to get into Lehman Brothers!!!

They've recently set up an offshore centre at Powai in Mumbai...don't have much idea about the kind of work they do there but again the pay must be something to reckon with!!!

But in IT you will have nothing to do with any of the high funda stuff like Investment banking and your profile will not be like that of an investment banker.You will be doing same coding as in Infy/TCS......ofcourse the brand name is there but what you do is more important that where you do it, but then thats just my opinion.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Karthik Rajashekaran:
does QA or testing has good career growth ?

Can i earn very big bucks in next 10years?

Can i climb up the ladder in QA ???

1. Yes it has good career growth.There is a dearth of good people in QA, I see a lot of bad QA out there.

2.Depends on what you call big bucks for some INR 5000 is big, for some INR 50,000 is big, for some $50,000 is big for some $500k is big.

3.Again depends on individual and company, in a company like Microsoft the profile of a tester is quite technical and there is a lot of growth on the other hand in some other company you might remain a manual tester...

We have been looking for a Performance test architect for a while and wll we get are people "claiming" to know it all , but not a single candidate who has invested his career into this...so that means that there are a lot of areas within the testing world that are totally devoid of talent.
18 years ago
1. Once you are in, you need to gain command over the domain to stay put.If you stay a pure techie then the chances of getting outsourced are higher.

2. I would say the best and the fastest way is refrerral,agencies are also not a bad option,but it takes a while for them to get back.

3. You could start as a contractor and once you have built up on domain knowledge you have a better shot at permanent positions.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Sharad P Kumar:

I currently work for a Software House in London and have 2 years of experience here. I've been contemplating moving to one of the many prestigious Investment Banks, possibly in a back office environment. What chance do you think I'll have? My main concern is that a few banks have begun outsourcing and others will probably follow suit. Do you think it would be risky to move to a financial institution in the current climate, where thousands of back office jobs have been outsourced from London in recent times?

Also, will lack of knowledge of financial instruments work against me? I have some *basic* knowledge (I worked on a Bond Trading System which I've just finished and have some understanding on the way it works and the calculations), but nothing in depth.

Any advice is much appreciated.


[ January 05, 2006: Message edited by: Sharad P Kumar ]

1. Investment banking knowledge is a plus but not always required.
2. If you are really good you do not need to worry about outsourcing.Most of the Banks are meritocracies, if the outsourced resources are good then they can be made permanent, if the permanent resouces are not that great then they can be shown the door.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Victor Banerjee:

Agreed that these companies are bigger than ATOS but they are not primarily "Software Companies". They are finance companies and you would be working for the "Software operations" of these companies which may not be more than 1000 people. Whereas Atos is a 46,000 strong company purely into IT services. The comparison is far from apple v/s apple.

Though I am surprised that Management asks you to resign just because you want to work on a particular technology. Did not think that HR of any software company can take that stance these days considering the dearth of people.

Mr Victor,
I work at one of these big names myself,though not in India.Financial institues are much sought after here than any other company including major software companies.A lot of my co-workers are ex-microsoft.The kind of tech work that goes on ,is good.

Not only does one learn technically,but also functionally. Check out the difference in revenues of these companies.

We do some good work in the latest Technologies and one gets the oppertunity to work with the best brains in the business,not to mention that you get a global brand as well.Once you work in India in these companies your resume will become globally marketable.This is an oppertunity for your value addition.

Why worry if they are not primarily "software companies" or not...you should know that I get tons of resumes from people who are working at companies that you would call primarily "software companies".....Not only that we have some 15000 poeple only doing IT stuff and I manage a team from 2 major Indian software vendors.
18 years ago
Both these companies are bigger names that Atos.You can go ahead and chose anyone of these you want.Once you get into them,then stay with them for a few years.You can get growth,salary and brand name.....Why worry about changes after this....
18 years ago
At Indian services companies people do switch to PL kind of roles that involves a mix of management and technology work.The reason being that for Indian services based companies revenues are earned on a "per resource" basis so higher number of people mean more revenues.There is nothing wrong with this approach but in this case the value of the work done by a single person is quite less. Say a company charges $25/hr for a resource and for 200 hours of work in a month, they make $5000 on that resource less the salary.So the amount of revenues made from a tech resource can only be that much.Clients in general do not pay high rates for offshore resources since that negates the very reason for offshoring - cost.

The scenario in product companies like Oracle,Microsoft in India is different. Say a resource is working on MSN now the revenues that the single person will bring in to the company will be much more than in a services based company.That is the reason why they are able to pay more and there is more growth in such companies for technical people.

I have seen some companies like Infosys provide a parallel ladder for people who want to stay in the technical side of things like Technical manager,Tech Architect...so there is good scope there as well, but you need to make sure that your company values people with tech skills more otherwise you are at the wrong place at the right time.

S Jain,
As fas as I have seen, requirements analysis or BA kind of roles are done by people having domain expertise in that area, so for a financial project the BA would generally be a person who has spent 5+ years actually working on Wall Street/Bombay stock exchange or someone who has excellent idea of the functional side of the project,who has the background to see the bigger pricture,interact with end users,know what they want and come up with the requirements. You can move into it,but do identify what domain you want to be in and then get "real" knowledge in that.
18 years ago