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Recent posts by Fawad Khan

Hi Mansoor,
I also had similar question but didn't find any clue from here i hope u get one and then we both can be able proceed. javaranch seems to be slow in this section i think.
23 years ago
AOA, Waqas...........thats great....i congrtulate u on your success and keep it up...u must gofor Dveloper exam now. if u need any help, i and my javaranch is always here to help u..

23 years ago
Thanx Jane Griscti for ur kind words, during my stay at JavaRanch i have found u so calm and understanding. Can u or anyone else guide me from where to start making WAP applications using J2ME...? which book to use and from where to get help. As i am now interested in developing some WAP application and again (like always) looking forward to JavaRanch to help me......
23 years ago
Hi All..... Gooosh ! u people have all taken me wrong. i am highly grateful to all javaranch members for being so friendly to me. And i never meant that i wish to help Pakistanis ONLY. I only motivated my fellow Pakistanis to come forward as we see few of them here. All other JAVIANS r like brothers to me and in todays world Geographical boundaries not even matter.
Even then all of u who took it as my fault, i APOLOGISE. and invite everyone to come to JAVARANCH and and explore the world of JAVA and i will do whatever i can to help u and expect the same from u.
Hope u will all calm down.....
Love u all,
23 years ago
Well ! for certification u must keep in mind that INTERNALLY the JVM stores as UTF8, the reason being the universality of the UTF as the name suggests. And by the way jsy start believing JQ+ as it is the best tool for certification.
Hi Guys....thanx God i ahve done SCJP with 70%. It was a tough job. And now i have come to know that what it requires to have SCJP2. So, it is an open offer for all of you to get free advise and tools and tips for SCJP. Just write an email to me and i assure u PURE help.
[This message has been edited by Fawad Khan (edited May 29, 2001).]
23 years ago
Great and Inteeli Pakis....
Good work. We are going on the right track now. and soon we will add to the number of JCPs in Pakistan ( inshallah). Keep it up
Hi durga,
Threads have majorly 5 states. Running, ready, Suspended ( truncated in jdk1.2), blocked ( say on I/O ).
So, when we make a sleep() call to a thread, it goes from RUNNING state to SLEEPING state ( for the specified period of time ) and remember when the time elapses, it does not continue execution right away. And the thread goes to the READY state. And then waits for the scheduler to allow the thread to execute. So, we can say the given time in SLEEP() method is the at least time for which the thread will stay inactive.
Also remember that only way a thread can goto READY state from running and RUNNING state from READY is the call by YIELD() method. No other call makes a thread goto running state from SLEEP(), BLOCKED().
Hope that will help u.
Hi there,
u just need to place these special codes in the
within " ", and thats all.
System.out.println("Ratul\n is a javaranch member");
u will see that Ratul will be one line above the other part.
Hi Nitin,
from the knowledge i have, NO.
as overloading and overriding needs the shuffling of argument lists and the relationship of classes, so it is impossible to consider classes being overridden or overloaded.If somehow we r able to make possible these two conditions then we will be able to say that yes, we can. Also, there is no such evidence in JLS.
correct me if i am wrong.
Hello Mansoor,
i haven't read anything like this in Heller's book, so it will be favor for me if u read from where Martha has said and tell us al as well. I would appreciate that.
Thanx mian sahab.
Hi Ego,
The Book of Soimon Roberts states at page 186,"Java's innerclass mechanism allow an inner class to be marked as STATIC." Also that, u can creat the instance of the static inner class without the need for a current instance of the enclosing class.
i hope this will help u.
Hi Mansoor,
Please try not to put the codes in the format u have given, that makes reading the code quite difficult. I am unable to get ur question due to that, also u have given quite more comments, i would appreciate if u give a clean version of that code again for reader's benefit.
Hi Everybody,
"A" is not correct as when we say classes, we mean top level classes, while in JAVA top level classes can not be static only inner classes can be static.
"B" & "C" are correct as already known.
"D" is correct because u can not make a static reference from a non static block, unless u make an instance.
"E" is wrong, as abstarct methods have to be overridden and static methods can not be overridden. So, u can give both the modifiers to the same method.
And for u Axel, we can make a static block of code as static. and that is called Static Initializer ( refer to page 87 of Rberts and Heller ).
I hope this will work for all.

Hi Kalla,
It is the responsibility of the programmer to see that what his code will going to do. However there are some cases where u need to put the safety for the exceptions that compiler knows will or may come. Those r called checked exceptions. U must knowthose situations for sure. Like when using threads and using sleep(), having I/O operations.
However runtime exceptions r those that u can not control untill u have a perfect coding.