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Recent posts by Samantha O'Neil

On my servlet program I'm calling a file(given in HTML with herf action)whichgo to server and that server file pick up data from particular table(which determined previously) and show its data. But as I performed click on one line given with herf in herfHTML shows error of NULL Pointer Exception. Why It all this? Tell me where I'm wrong. tomcat server is in functioning.
18 years ago
Congratulations!!! Can you suggest any simulation exam?
18 years ago
Hey, I�ve looked uCertify is offering 70% discount on its selected stuff. Wow that's great. Want to know more abt that. Offers added time to time to provide quality stuff. I want to more about that. I'm downloaded their free stuff. Questions quality is really good but after talking with other people I'll decide to purchase the product. But on thing I'm very sure that 70% discount is really fabulous. I'm attracting towards that. I have made projects on mail server, chat server and online purchasing system. Now I've job as a developer but SCJP certification can increase my value and reputation.
Well tell me, which one knows very well about all that.
18 years ago
I�m here because my best buddy has told me to go into forum do discussed with people and reach to your resolution. I've downloaded ucertify java test software, next month mye xam will go. Less time, the TestKit provides 5 full-length exam simulations, containing 285 questions, 150 pop quiz questions and above 85 comprehensive study notes. Highly customized and randomized tests are also available to adapt the TestKit according to the needs of a specific user. Lots of questions are there and free questions i solved were too tough and tricky. Suggest me what other resources should i need to have?
18 years ago
Compiling the Example Programs
In a real-world scenario in which a service like the compute engine is deployed, a developer would likely create a JAR (Java ARchive) file that contains the Compute and Task interfaces for server classes to implement and client program to use. Next, a developer, perhaps the same developer of the interface JAR file, would write an implementation of the Compute interface and deploy that service on a machine available to clients. Developers of client programs can use the Compute and the Task interfaces, contained in the JAR file, and independently develop a task and client program that uses a Compute service.
In this section you learn how to set up the JAR file, server classes, and client classes. You will see that the client's Pi class will be downloaded to the server at runtime. Also, the ComputeEngine's remote stub will be downloaded from the server to the client at runtime.

Build a JAR File of Interface Classes
First, you need to compile the interface source files in the compute package and then build a JAR file that contains their class files. Let's suppose a user, waldo, has written these particular interfaces and has placed the source files in c:\home\waldo\src\compute (on UNIX:/home/waldo/src/compute). Given these paths, you can use the following commands to compile the interfaces and create the JAR file.


Microsoft Windows:
cd c:\home\waldo\src
javac compute\
javac compute\
jar cvf compute.jar compute\*.class

cd /home/waldo/src
javac compute/
javac compute/
jar cvf compute.jar compute/*.class


The jar command displays the following output (due to the -v option):

added manifest
adding: compute/Compute.class (in=281) (out=196)
(deflated 30%)
adding: compute/Task.class (in=200) (out=164)
(deflated 18%)

Now you can distribute the compute.jar file to developers of server and client applications so that they can make use of the interfaces.

When you build either server- or client-side classes with the javac and rmic compilers, you generally need to specify where the resulting class files should reside so that they are network accessible. In this example this location is, for UNIX, /home/user/public_html/classes, because some web servers allow accessing a user's public_html directory via an HTTP URL constructed as http://host/~user/. If your web server does not support this convention, you could use a file URL instead. The file URLs take the form file:/home/user/public_html/classes/ on UNIX or, on the Microsoft Windows platform, file:/c:/home/user/public_html/classes/. You may also select another type of URL, as appropriate.

The network accessibility of the class files allows the RMI runtime to download code when needed. Rather than defining its own protocol for code downloading, RMI uses URL protocols supported by the Java platform (for example, HTTP) to download code. Note that a full, heavyweight web server is not needed to accomplish this downloading of class files. In fact, a simple HTTP server that provides all of the functionality needed to make classes available for downloading in RMI via HTTP can be found at
18 years ago
I'm seeking for java2 certification. I downloaded ucertify product. Question are on right quality. 150 challenging practice questions have been included to closely model the format, tone, topics, and difficulty of the real exam. If i purchased it before release then i could have able to got 40% discount. Test simulation is good but i want few good books and study guide also. Suggest me in this regard.
18 years ago
Sun Java certifications are well recognized among the java developers' community. Sun Java technology certification provides a clear demonstration of the technical skills, professional dedication, and motivation for which employers are willing to pay a premium. Recognized industry-wide, Sun's Java technology training and certification options help ensure that you have the necessary skills to efficiently meet the challenges of your IT organization.
I'm moving a head towards this certification and wandering for booksa round stalls and also on net. One of simulation test i downloaded from ucertify si quite good. I'm looking for purchasing its product, If anyone had purchased it guide me in this way.
object-oriented programming, you may want to model an abstract concept without being able to create an instance of it. For example, the Number class in the java.lang package represents the abstract concept of numbers. It makes sense to model numbers in a program, but it doesn't make sense to create a generic number object. Instead, the Number class makes sense only as a superclass to classes like Integer and Float, both of which implement specific kinds of numbers. A class such as Number, which represents an abstract concept and should not be instantiated, is called an abstract class. An abstract class is a class that can only be subclassed-- it cannot be instantiated.

To declare that your class is an abstract class, use the keyword abstract before the class keyword in your class declaration:

abstract class Number {
. . .

If you attempt to instantiate an abstract class, the compiler displays an error similar to the following and refuses to compile your program: class AbstractTest is an abstract class.
It can't be instantiated.
new AbstractTest();
18 years ago
I took it once and failed with a 678 and took it again 3 days later and passed with a 812. I thought I was prepared the first time but I did not know enough details. If you think you are ready make sure that you know EVERYTHING. You can pass this one but the details are what get you above 700.
Hi, Actually i'm going to take SCJP. I have good simulation of ucertify which is tricky and tough and study notes are very explanatory. but SCJP is not s mooth path.
Sun certified java programming certification is highly damanding in present scenario. Application programmer can bargain now heavy prices. I'm going for JCP certification and using ucertify exam simulation where i got 50% discount also and James Jawarski study guide which cover almost topics. How this will be helpful for me.... totally depend on my certificate. I'm quite optimistic.
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! These Wizlab�s marketing mails are now getting into my nerves. Beware forum members!!! Don�t give your actual e-mail id to these guys.
19 years ago
For those of you thinking of taking the SCJP test my experiences are:
1. The Marcus Green Web site is a good start.
2. ucertify is tougher than the real test but worth the bucks to see the ticky
questions Sun come up with:
3. The complete Java 2 Certification study guide. Roverts, Heller, Ernest

Perhaps this seems enough but there's a lot of material to be discovered! Good luck.