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Recent posts by Zein Nunna

Hi guys,

I need some guidance on threads.

What I want to do, is start a thread, and ask it to complete some operation - if the operation (stuff in my public void run() method) is complete within the timel limit proceed, if however it's still running, then I want to terminate the operation and diplay error such as "time out...."

What I need is a thread expiry method,

I have the code below, how do I go about imnplementing what I want to do?

I think Thread.join(2000) maybe useful - am I on the right track,

Can someone point me to the right example.

12 years ago
Hi guys,

I have the following code

I want to have my logo to the left, menu to the right but towards the bottom,

My reserach has shown i need to vertically align my menu to the bottom, this code doeasnt seem to be working? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your thoyghts.


Hi Guys,

I have a bit of a issue,

I've mastered basic Java SAX - which works for XML documents, however I now a DTD document, I have no idea how to use a DTD in conjunction with a SAX parser,

I'll also have a database, as in I have to read an XML feed and store it inside a DB.

I suspect I will have to load the DTD first.. where should I save this.. in my DB? or Do I re-read the DTD everytime I refer to the XML feed/.

Does anyone have any good tutorials that I could follow, or show me example code?

Thanks for your time in advance,

Tried this doctype


The document looked totally wrong..!! In FF3 its still perfect..

This is frustrating!!! :
Is there anyway I can state, if its IE7, do a different margin to other browsers etc.?
Thanks for the replies guys.

The advice you've given me has solved most of my problems.

A little issue still stands, the code posted above fits into a bigger snippet of code, where I have to reset the margin by -36%, see HTML below, CSS is as per Eric's post

This works perfectly with FireFox. In IE7 the margin is incorrect, in the sense that it seems more like -40% - how could I rectfy this problem?

If I use the exact code above In FF and IE7 the page I get is slightly different. (in FireFox I see HA2, In in IE7 I see AHA2 - in the top left box )? Is this just me or something more to do with the browsers?


Sorrry for the convaluted message.

Hey guys

I have an issue with the CSS float, inside my PHP file i have a HTML structure, like below, [full HTML code]

I've inserted the CSS inside the HTML, so you can see it - This code works as I want it in FireFox, it doesnt in IE7.. [in IE7 the boxes dont lineup properly]

What am I doing wrong?

i know there's been a lot of issues, with CSS and IE7, is there like a list of things to do to avoid/tack particular issues such as floats, margins etc..?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts,

Thanks Bear

I've got it to work.

My code is as follows

thanks for the reply Bear,

Do you have any examples I could use?


Hi guys,

I was jsut wondering if someone could tell how I could code a popup when someone clicks on a hyperlink.

I have terms and conditions on mywebsite.. when a user accepts I want a pop-up-link to the terms

The following code does the job, however I want to customise the new window, as in size, scroll, toolbar etc.

Any ideas..? is this a Javascript or HTML issue?

Thanks in advance

Hi guys,

Well what I've done is below, doesnt seem to work...

The JS file is..

The HTML looks like

So simply, I add the iFrame, to the inner DIV, then change out div to "display:inline", then start adding height to the outer DIV incrementally - however it seems to ignore the DIV heights, and chooses to just use the iFrame height.

Any pointers, the pseado code sounds simple enough right??
Hi guys,

I want to incorporate slide into my HTML page, but are unsure of how to do it..

Basically as it stands, I have a button on my webpage [well a whole series of buttons, for simplicity, consider one button], when you click on this button, I call a JS fucntion, which looks something like below, when you click on the button, the Iframe appears, when you click on the same button again, it disappears

Now the iFrame just appears, I want it to slide down, I've looked at jQuery, but find the quite difficult to follow, other JS stuff is equally baffling

Is there anyone who knows of some simple method which can just make my div tage magically slide up and down..?

Sorry for the convuluted speech, I've been at this for a good 8hours and not getting anywhere.

Thanks for your thoughs in advance.
Well, guys, I think I spoke too soon.

my code is

Whichever browser comes second, works fine - so in the code above, FireFox works, and IE7 doesn't.

What can I do to fix this?

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your input.

Your solution worked. Interesting thing.. when I updated my CSS I put the code for IE7 first, then FF2, it worked fine for FF2 but woulldnt work for IE7, I changed it around - and everything seemed to slot into place.

Any idea why?