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Intelligent lying is required.. i.e. if you are not employeed for a year and applying as a fresher.. then it is hard to get a job. Instead, do some real industry projects paying Rs. 5000/- or 10000/- (Embedded, telecom,MySQL,Java,C) and write them in your Bio_Data. Without this, as a fresher even getting a call is tough..

Originally posted by Rashmi Banthia:
What do you guys think about lying on Resume - lies like - changing VisualBasic to PowerBuilder and vice versa. Lying about your experience 5yrs instead of actual 4 years.

The reason I ask is I am looking for a job and during my job hunt period I have been approached by recruiters who ask me modify my resume according to requirement. Like 5 yrs of consistent Java experience OR VB/PB experience.
I am not comfortable doing it - the fact that I'll be sitting across a table in front of a Hiring Manager and LYING scares me terribly.

Is it just me trying to be ultra-honest and the result is no job ?

I would appreciate your opinions.



17 years ago