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Recent posts by Ashwin Kumar

Thanks Ivan, In my case it minOccurs is zero so it is wrapped as JAXBElement but the SOAP request/response complains of in compatible with org.apache.xerces.dom.ElementNSImpl.

I also read from the specification that if the lax=true ...

From specification..
"If true, when an element matches a property marked with XmlAnyElement is known to JAXBContext (for example, there's a class with XmlRootElement that has the same tag name, or there's XmlElementDecl that has the same tag name), the unmarshaller will eagerly unmarshal this element to the JAXB object, instead of unmarshalling it to DOM. Additionally, if the element is unknown but it has a known xsi:type, the unmarshaller eagerly unmarshals the element to a JAXBElement, with the unknown element name and the JAXBElement value is set to an instance of the JAXB mapping of the known xsi:type.
As a result, after the unmarshalling, the property can become heterogeneous; it can have both DOM nodes and some JAXB objects at the same time. "

So, I am not sure how to oevercome this issue.
13 years ago
I have weservice call, In response when I try to get the xml any element in to JAXBElement.

In schema I have ..

This line throws error.

it throws org.apache.xerces.dom.ElementNSImpl incompatible with javax.xml.bind.JAXBElement error in soap ui.

Why doesn't it covert to JAXBElement?, how do I make it work?
13 years ago
I am looking for best approach to implement the service versioning. I have existing service which is deployed in production. The new version we added few new operations with schema updates. The new version wsdl and schema has new version of namespaces. Here is the structure and config details..
wsdl/v1 has old files and wsdl/v2 has new files in EAR.
The deployment fails if v2 wsdl's service name is not diffrent from v1 service name. The end point can be same but anyway the end point will be diffrent for v2 service. I wanted to deploy this in one EAR with v1 and v2 WSDL's and keeping the v2 service name as v1. Is this the good approach ?
The future plan would be obselete v1 as we implement v3. PLease suggest. How can the wsdl config support this kind of scenario?.
I am using webspehere 6.1 and here is the error message when deploy with same service name with diffrent end point url for V2:
Error 404: SRVE0190E: File not found: /ProductDefinitionServiceV2
13 years ago
You don't need to register, please gothrough the instructions in the link. You just need code to enter when you purchase the exam. I hope this helps...
Sun Also recommends to have atleast five years of Experience..

read this ..

This exam is designed for candidates with experience in the following areas (typically 5 or more years: Application design: concepts and principles, common architectures, integration and messaging, business-tier technologies, web-tier technologies...
Wow !!, Thats lot of reading need to be done, any idea what specific chapters needs to be read ?

EJB 3 in Action is close to Head First style. This book gives you basic understanding of all the concepts very well, you might also want to go through MZ notes for advanced concepts. All the other books I felt are like story telling and boring.

I hope this helps.
As per the specs the Invocation order is Default > Class > Method

What should be order if the super class has @AroundInvoke method, and when the subclass method is called ?

Which is correct when "amethod" is invoked and Why ?

Option 1 > test1 > test2

Option 2 > test2 > test1
OK, Here is what it says in the code, I guess the two statements are bit confusing..

My question entirely diffrent from your answer, I understand that Entity has to be in TC to invoke persist etc...

The resulting entity is DETACHED after 'find' method is invoked, then how would call persist on it ?
"The find and getReference methods are NOT required to be invoked within a transaction context. If an entity manager with transaction-scoped persistence context is in use, the resulting entities will be DETACHED; if an entity manager with an extended persistence context is used, they will be MANAGED."

This is the statement from MZ notes and have question on this..

If the resulting entity from find/getReference method is DETACHED when the entity manager with transaction-scoped persistence context is in use, then how can we operate/update these entities in that context when they are not in managed state?, can somebody explain, am I missing something here ?
It worked, actually I had to copy this jar file to the application servers class path. APPSERVER/lib.
16 years ago