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At the risk of getting flamed, here is my opinion on the exam.

You don't need any experience, save basic programming experience. You will need one copy of the Bates and Sierra book to study. If you have no Java experience, study it for about 3 months, take all the tests, samples, etc.

Look into other sources if it makes you feel better, but study the K&B book. The 5.0 version of the book is coming out this summer, in time for the new Tiger exam. I would wait for that.

Seems a bogus account to discredit Kathy and Bert's book. I doubt we'll hear much more from the user.

Hmmm... read my posts again. I basically said:

1. The K&B book is sufficient to pass the exam
2. Everyone pretty much knows it

How is this discrediting Kathy and Bert's book? If anything, it's a rave review!

The point, (since you seemed to miss it completely) is this: Does having a book -- a single source of information -- that allows someone to pass the exam cheapen the overall value of the certification?

Here's a thought experiment for you -- take a Java newbie, give him/her the K&B book, and 1 to 2 months to study. If he fails, I pay his fee. If he passes, you pay the fee.

Any takers? I thought not.
My point is that the K&B book is a unique resource, in that it is written by actual test authors. Sure, there are other ways to get a hold of the information, but the quality of information in this one book *I believe* is sufficient to pass the exam.

This is not to disparage the authors or the process. I'm simply saying this one book can get you past the exam, and everyone pretty much knows it.

As far as passing high vs. passing low, it's like that old joke:

Q: "What do you call the guy who finishes at the bottom of his class in Medical School?"

A: "Doctor"

Nobody cares what score you got. It's a pass/fail exam.
Thanks for the information. I can't help wondering, though, that the K&B book is always at the heart of every preparation program... To the point where the presence of the book makes the test that much easier.

I'm not implying that they're giving away answers, but I have to think that when the book is released for the 5.0 exam, the value of the certification will drop.

Aside from the beta folks, is anyone planning on taking the 5.0 exam without the updated K&B book?

Any thoughts?