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You can add newline characters in your strings using \n like this:

Have a look at JBoss Tattletale. Among other things, it claims to "Identify dependencies between JAR files"

There is no performance penalty for using interfaces.

Reflection is irrelevant to late binding because most JVMs are written in a language like C++ which has lower-level constructs than Java has. The SUN JVM is written in C++. You might be thinking that late binding is implemented in Java code, which is usually not the case. Java reflection is not used to call an implementation method of an interface variable.

Let's try your timing program again, but this time let's use an interface in one trial and no interface in the other trial. In this test we'll leave out the irrelevant issues of class loader speed and reflection speed.

If you still think there is a performance penalty for using interfaces, try another test to demonstrate the performance penalty.
14 years ago

I recommend that you post a very short HTML snippet showing the type of form you have in mind, along with any JavaScript attempt you have made so far, if possible. You're more likely to get a helpful response that way. See PostRealCode and NotACodeMill

Mr.David Shapiro wrote:I have the same thing happening. My case is a little more complicated. I am using innterHTML to create a table that has in the first column (i.e., <td>) an input of checkbox type. I click on submit and the table is generated along with the colum with the checkbox with id="reset". I can put in the input something like: <input type="checkbox" id="reset" onclick="resetvalue(this.value) value="something"> and if I click on the checkbox, it does go to the function I made and show the value that I put in an alert for test purposes. However, String[] reset = getParameterValues("reset") is null if I click on submit again. Any help wuold be appreciated.


Try changing id="reset" to name="reset".

Joe Sondow
14 years ago
My mistake.

I'm in Dario's study group and I incorrectly told the group that Oreilly's book Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0, 5th Edition is free to read online. Upon more careful inspection, Oreilly's site only gives you trucated previews of each section for free. To read the entire book you have to sign up for a free 10-day trial of their paid service.

Fortunately the Wiley book is freely available at
No, there are cases where no semicolon is used after the declaration of an anonymous class. An example is when an instance of an anonymous class is passed as an argument into a method.
Marzo, I did not see the HFSJ review that you're referring to. Perhaps you're thinking of the "Outdated!" review of SCWCD Exam Study Kit: Java Web Component Developer Certification by Deshmukh and Malavia.
It's very helpful to know that the errorPage attribute does not work correctly with the default settings in the most popular browser. This means that in practice some other means of using a custom error page should be employed. Thanks for the tip, Bosun.
No, all the questions in the SCJP exam are determined before you begin taking it. You can read through all of them before answering any of them if you like.
You'll get proportional numbers of questions on each exam topic so your exam will be balanced by topic the same way as all other people's exams. I don't know how many questions are the in the entire pool from which they take questions. It really doesn't matter. Knowing how many questions are in the entire pool won't help you on the exam in any way. All you need to know is that every exam objective will be covered.
System.gc() is a static method which calls

You can either call
or you can directly call

They do the same thing.

Runtime.gc() won't compile because gc() is not a static method of Runtime.
And to understand why Jay's formula works, you can write out the bits.

Again, the formula is
~x = (x+1) * (-1)
~x = -(x+1)

You can see the formula in action from this chart of values. Remember that 11111111 is -1.

The list already exists. To sign up for Sun's training newsletter that keeps you informed about Sun's "latest training offers, discounts, certifications, as well as our last minute course deals" go the Sun training newsletter signup page, click the checkbox for Sun Training e-Newsletters, and continue from there.
18 years ago