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Recent posts by Rogerio Kioshi

I'd like to know what type of games can I make using Apache Thrift... desktop, web,...?
Some movies/documentaries I've been watching that I liked:

- The Dawn Wall:

- The Haunting of Hill House.
3 years ago

I think Poltergeist clown is scarier.
3 years ago
I've heard that Python can be used in penetration testing. Does this book "Python Continuous Integration and Delivery" talk about this?
3 years ago

I'd like to know if, nowadays, EJB is a technology that is still used. If a company plans to build a new app, EJB can be considered? Or are there better java technologies?

To "Core Java, Volume II" author.
3 years ago
Why would I choose Kotlin as a language? What kind of projects Kotlin is made for?
What's the difference in programming with Kotlin than using Ruby on Rails, Scala, and so on?
3 years ago
What are the best softwares to detect code vulnerabilities? In the company I work for, they use .NET framework.
7 years ago
I'd like to know which IDE is recommended for node.js programming.
I've noticed that you've mentioned NoSQL, node.js, jquery, mongodb... what about using Java with SPA? Would you recommend that?

I'd like to know if Hudson is useful in the construction of a Java web app deployed at Google App Engine.

8 years ago
Do you think a good system architect should be a good programmer too?
8 years ago
Hajime no Ippo (currently watching)
Attack on Titan (waiting for season 2)
Kick no Oni
8 years ago
On Glassfish AS administration console, how to encrypt a pool connection configuration password?
9 years ago