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Recent posts by mohana krishna

Hi Tim Holloway,
Thanks for your reply.
2 weeks ago
I am using Spring MVC using Model obect SchoolForm.
Declared list of Student objects in the model SchoolForm.
I declared dateOfBirth field as java.util.Date object.

After submit i am getting the following error.
dateOfBirth field i am entering date in the format

But getting the following error any idea how to resolve the following issue.

Field error in object 'schoolForm' on field 'student[0].dateOfBirth': rejected value [12.12. 1986]; codes
[typeMismatch.schoolForm.student [0].dateOfBirth, typeMismatch.schoolForm.student.dateOfBirth, typeMismatch.student[0].dateOfBirth, typeMismatch.student.dateOfBirth, typeMismatch.dateOfBirth,
typeMismatch] ; arguments [ codes
[schoolForm.student[0].dateOfBirth, student[0].dateOfBirth] ; arguments [ ] ; default message
[student[0].dateOfBirth]]; default message [Failed to convert property value of type 'jaya.lang.String'
to required type 'java.util.Date' for property 'student[0].dateOfBirth' ; nested exception is
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot convert value of type 'java.lang.String' to required type
'java.util.Date' for property 'dateOfBirth' : no matching editors or conversion strategy found]
2 weeks ago
Thanks a lot for your reply Stephan.
3 weeks ago
From the java code i am sending a mail with hyperlink.

When user click on hyper link i have to open a small pop up using but there is no action when i click on the link.
But if i check the view source and copy the link in a normal html file its working fine.

My code from the view source in the mail is :

<html><head></head><body><a href=”" <br /> onclick=”window. open ( ‘https: //localhost: 8443’, ‘blank’, ‘height=3OO,width=35O,scrollbar=no, scroll=no, toolbar=no’ ) “>Click here</body></html>

Because window. open () is a javascript code so due to security issues its not working? or any other solution is there.

3 weeks ago
Hi Tim Moores, Thanks for your reply.
3 months ago
Hi Rob Spoor,

Thanks for your suggestion.
It's a organisation decision but still i will suggest to my team.
3 months ago
Hi Tim Holloway,

Thanks for your reply.

3 months ago
from 7.3 version of jBoss i copied the jar files from org\apache\ws\security and copied in the same path of jBoss 7.1 then it worked fine.
3 months ago
I am trying to my migrate my application to JAVA 8 and JBoss 7.1.

I created ear file using maven in java 8 and trying to deploy the ear file JBoss 7.1 server.

I am getting the error "WFLYWS0058: JAX-RPC not supported".

i tried adding missing jar saaj.jar to the lib folder in ear but it did not work.

Can you please help to provide information what are the missing jars required to get rod of the exception.

Please find the attached image for the full exception log.
3 months ago
Trying to migrate application from java 7 & jBoss 6 to Java 8 and jboss 7.
Using maven build able to create ear file succesfully ,deployed the file in jboss, when i try to start the server , failed to start with the following error.
Any configuration need to be done in stanlone.xml or jboss-deployment-structure.xml.
Please help to resolve the issue.
4 months ago
Thanks for your help . its really helped me.
Just before i try to commit the code , another teammate committed the changes so during commit due to conflict my commit was failed.
One file is having conflicts so commit failed.
But in my code i can see other teammate code changes and all those files are showing in staging area.
Now i resolved the conflicts in the file.
What is the solution is it safe to commit the changes now.

Adding android:configChanges resolved my problem.

Thanks a lot   Tim Moores /Norm Radder  .

6 months ago
Thanks a lot Norm Radder /   Tim Moores  , i will check and provide feedback.
6 months ago
I have created one mobile application a gaming application, it requires gestures so implemented GestureDetector.OnGestureListener.
Gestures are working fine but when my mobile is rotated the activity is restarted.
So when i start the game after that if i rotate my mobile screen new game is started.
Please let me know how to resolve the issue.
6 months ago