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Recent posts by Nakata kokuyo

Hi Prasad, thanks for helping !

I got this resolved after change below in, i have no idea whether using setConfigLocation() need any extra IDE setting


7 years ago
Thanks Prasad, i tried but still no luck yet
7 years ago
I try print out from the controller method, it doesn't show anything too, the controller method doesn't seem calling
7 years ago
Thanks Gordy, i did changed that before, it doesn't help in my case.
7 years ago
Good day,

I trying to access to http://localhost:8080/control/greeting.html, but it return me 404 error, no problem when access to http://localhost:8080/control/ , which return me and display index.jsp file. i can also access to http://localhost:8080/control/hello.jsp , which return me blank page with title name, but the bean value "hellospring" doesn't render.

the project setup using spring boot, i got the same error when i replace WebInitializer with web.xml file. I did remove the web.xml when apply WebInitializer java file.

below are the structure, appreciated your guidance !

[Project setup]

src\main\java\com\mvc\WebInitializer file :

src\main\java\com\mvc\Webconfig file :





7 years ago
Good day,

I have a repository class as below, and i wonder whether the stereotype name is important ? as i put any name to replace "userRepository", it still running fine, could someone please enlighten me ?

8 years ago
good day,

Anyone can suggest how could we get started with R programming?

8 years ago
Question :

Does "?=" means positive number only ?

Thanks everyone , i using below to split and it is working great, appreciated your guidance everyone especially to Sergej and Henry

String pattern = "\\s+(?=\\d+,\\d+)";
Thanks and will try it later !

Sergej Smoljanov wrote:
i mean something like this one.

Hi Henry,

Thanks for pointing out !

Do you means the first part i should place this

second part, i just remain ?

third part, I have no idea how i can match, could you please share me more ?
Thanks buddy, i figure out using this way to achieved it

Now, when i try to split it using

the number is split in right way, but the wording "Total comprehensive income .." which contain whitespace will split too

How can i handle it ?

Below is the full snippet :

Thanks everyone, i trying below and seem not matching, anyone can shed the light ?

Good day,

Appreciated your help and i would like to know how can i split below input string into expected output?

Take note on input string as between 77973 and 117181 have multiple spaces, whereas Revenue and 77973 have single space only.

I have try using outputStr.split(" "); and doesn't split it neatly

Expecting output
Good day Author,

Unfortunately many of us do not really consider security factor during software design, my question is what are the fundamental security concern need to factor in for software design. take example of web application if possible.

Thanks for enlighten!
8 years ago