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Normally if you(client) want to access a web service, you should generate some client side stuffs (it takes care of communication,serialization,etc).
In this example they used the metadata annotation method for generating the clientside stuff.(during the build process - step no 7 - Use wsimport to generate and compile the web service artifacts needed to connect to the service.)

// wsdl location as argument, during the //build process, it well generate //the service class.)

static HelloService service;

Then above service refers that hello wsdl file.
with in a single wsdl ,we can define classes and those methods (publish as service).

then set the corresponding end point by calling the getHelloPort() method.
(since with in a single wsdl file we can define more than one service).
Then it will point to the particular class (service class in the server side).

- Elil
Thanks "Ulf Dittmer" and "Ilja Preuss".
15 years ago
How can i get content inside double brackets in a String in JAVA.
For Example String test="furious{ex1234}";
i want to get the "ex1234" from above string test.
any methods available to get the content beween {}.
15 years ago
hi sanjay,
thanks a lot...........
hi guys,

regarding the question 6 in the chapter 7 (HF book)...........

6) Given
<%@ page isELIgnored="true" %>

option d: the jsp containing this directive should not have any expression language code evaluated by the jsp container

option e: this page directive will only off el evalution if the dd declares a <el-ignored>true</el-ignored> element with url pattern that includs this jsp.

i thought option d is correct but in the book they said option e is correct.....

anyone can explain......

thanks in advance
hi guys,
i tried to download the sourcecode for HF book. but the domain is not available. pls anyone help me (if anyone has already downloaded that send it to my address or give me some other links).

hi guys,
i passed the scjp. And i have planned to do scwcd exam. i have alredy bought head first book. could any one tell me if there any other useful free resources for this?
i am new to servlet and jsp then within how many days shall i complete this exam?