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I am preparing for the DB2 advanced admin certification. Can somebody please post links to some sample/mock exam questions?

[ May 13, 2008: Message edited by: Marc Peabody ]

Today I passed IBM's 255 exam with 74%.

I am still working with WSAD and just had an exposure to RSA 7.0 since last couple of months.

My preparation time was everyday 2-3 hrs everyday for a week and the weekend. There were around 25 questions asking for the best answer. All you need is to read the questions carefully and answer.

IBM PDF, Mikalai Zaikin notes and Mock Exam should be enough to clear the exam.

Thanks a lot Mikalai Zaikin and everyone.
You are right.

It is clearly stated on the page that "any one of the actual IBM WebSphere, SOA and XML certification tests listed ( are covered.

I guess WebSphere test listed on the page starting from 252 to 993, SOA 665 and XML 142 are covered.

I started with IBM SOA Foundation but dont if thats correct. i'll get a better picture once i appear for the sample test.

I have been a silent reader of this group and was able to clear test-286 and 287. Thanks to all of you. I got a hard copy of the certificate for Solution Developer, since I was already a SCJP.

Now I am preparing for 484 and 486 to be an ICED. I need some inputs for test 486.

The recommended resources for the exam are the books By Martin Fowler and By Craig Larman. Unfortunately there no IBM redbooks available for this exam as an alternative source for study like 286 and 287.

I do have some UML books available
1.Elements of UML Style by Scott W. Ambler
2.UML Bible by Tom Pender
3.UML 2 for Dummies by Michael Jesse Chonoles and James A. Schardt
4.UML and the Unified Process by Liliana Favre (ed)
5.Fast Track UML 2.0 by Kendall Scott.

I am not sure if any of these books would be of any help for the certification. Has anyone tried any one of the above books and was able to clear the exam, if not then naturally I would go for the recommended books.

Thanks in advance,
Rohit S Degamwar,